Biokos Derma Bright: Intensive Brightening Serum [IMPRESSION]

Biokos Derma Bright - In the end of this April, I want to share you all about the thing that I just got. Yes this product is Biokos Derma Bright Intensive Brightening Serum. This product was sponsored by the Indonesia Beauty Blogger Gathering Event that was held by Martha Tilaar Group on April 29th 2014 at Outback Steak House, Kuningan City, Jakarta. You can read the report in here. So this one is the one of the many products in the hamper given.

Martha Tilaar: Beauty Blogger Gathering [EVENT]

Seems like everyone is about to consider what social media world has taught, given and shared many information world wide. That is why I decided to write this in English. It's not because I'm not proud to be an Indonesian but the mission is more than just a matter of what your nationality is, it's more about telling the world the experience that may affect our social life. So, be open minded and always see the big picture are very important attitudes to survive in the networking era. 

Garnier: Lightening Peel Off Mask Review

Hello invaders,

YAAAYYYY TGIF!!!! dan sudah mulai memasuki weekend yaa?? Hope you all very happy to live your life!!!

Hari ini aku mau review tentang masker peel-off nya Garnier. Hihihi... Ga sangka banget ketemu masker ini karena sebelumnya aku ga pernah tau kalau Garnier punya varian masker. Ditambah lagi, di minimart sekitar tempat tinggal aku tuh ga ada. Jadi aku ga notice ada produk ginian, ketemunya pun ga sengaja pas lagi mampir ngopi di Sevel Passer Festival, Kuningan. Asumsi aku, ini belum lama beredar ya?? (bener ga? hehehe).