Biokos Derma Bright: Intensive Brightening Serum [IMPRESSION]

Biokos Derma Bright - In the end of this April, I want to share you all about the thing that I just got. Yes this product is Biokos Derma Bright Intensive Brightening Serum. This product was sponsored by the Indonesia Beauty Blogger Gathering Event that was held by Martha Tilaar Group on April 29th 2014 at Outback Steak House, Kuningan City, Jakarta. You can read the report in here. So this one is the one of the many products in the hamper given.

So I just ran out of my usual serum, Ultima II Procollagen Anti Aging Complex For Face and Throat. It was just right before the end of the month and I remember that I have this one.


Because this is the first time I use this product, so there would be any effect report during or after the usage. I only will post this as unpacking and first impression of this product. You know that I had no idea at all about using this.

By the picture below, as you can see from the packaging, Biokos comes with almost is as tall as Ultima II bottle. The pack covered with a silver mirror-like coat and greys. So futuristic. I don't know where my Ultima II pack is, so I couldn't compare it.


Next on to the bottle, while Ultima II has the heavy doff glass bottle with a plastic pump and silvery cap, this Biokos comes with light plastic bottle and another futuristic shape. Look at this below pic and tell me how to open it..

I bet you were as confused as me! LOL... Yes, after pushing, looking and thinking hard, finally I just figured out that the way to open it is by twisting the silvery top part of the bottle to make the pusher part comes out. HAHAHAHA.. I feel like I was the stone age human trapped in the high tech era. So ashamed. LOL.


The bottle is quiet big for me considering the content that is only 30ml. it's lesser than my previous Ultima II that reaches 50ml. The only part that makes the bottle seems as tall as my Ultima II is the bottle needs extra part as the hiding place considering of how to open it.

I feel so impressed seeing that Martha Tilaar even thought about this way. I mean, I'm the one that sometimes feel lazy to cap-off and cap-on any bottle in the world. Beside, there will always a big chance for me that I will lose the bottle cap out of no-idea-it-is-where. So basically, I don't like having the cosmetic with certain conservative bottle. But what can I do?

Trying to pull out the content is as easy as you push the pusher part. Since it is the first time of using, so I need several times of pushing. It gives the moderate amount after one pump, which is good, that you need for your entire face (and a bit of neck area, I suppose). The texture is typical like any other face serum that it comes with watery one, but for this Biokos has the white color (unlike my previous Ultima II that has a skin tone transparent color).


According to what I feel after touching the texture, from the first impression, it is a gel like one. Turns to be a bit watery after spreading it on to my skin surface but still easy to handle. Then the more I'm rubbing the serum, the more watery it is. But, slowly but sure, it was absorbed into my skin. Leaving my skin to be hydrated and water-sparkly looking. Maybe that's why the serums I know come with the form of watery one: to ease the absorbent. Unless, the one from The Body Shop: Youthful Serum, it's thicker than any of I mention here.

Now comes to the scents. The first thing that I notice a lot, this has the similar scent like my previous Ultima II. If you ever tried SK II, you may notice theirs as the similar ones, too. But Biokos comes with more flowery scent, while Ultima II has more close to SK II with a slight flowery scent and SK II has this scent as the strongest one. So here's the order according to my opinion of which has the strongest similar scent amongst these three products: SK II, Ultima II, and Biokos. I don't know if you experience the other thing. But my nose is a bit sensitive to the notes like this, so my assumption that they have the same basic notes used in their products.


So, here's the wrap. I hope you enjoy reading this post. Please comment below if you have tried Biokos Derma Bright Intensive Brightening Serum and want to share your experience.

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  1. Is this available outside Indonesia?

  2. Hello Jean, I don't think this product is available outside Indonesia. But I heard that Martha Tilaar shop has been growing abroad. You may check on their website. Happy Googling!

  3. I'm not sure it's available there, darling! :(

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