Martha Tilaar: Beauty Blogger Gathering [EVENT]

Seems like everyone is about to consider what social media world has taught, given and shared many information world wide. That is why I decided to write this in English. It's not because I'm not proud to be an Indonesian but the mission is more than just a matter of what your nationality is, it's more about telling the world the experience that may affect our social life. So, be open minded and always see the big picture are very important attitudes to survive in the networking era. 

Yess, not so long ago, I joined Indonesia Beauty Blogger Gathering which was held by the most famous local brand in Indonesia and has established their business throughout cosmetics industry: Martha Tilaar. Let me telling you a glance about Martha Tilaar.

Martha Tilaar Group begins from a small beauty salon established by DR. (H.C.) Martha Tilaar at a garage sized 4x6 meter in 1970. The company was founded in 1977 by Dr. HC. Martha Tilaar, (the late) Pranata Bernard, and Theresa Harsini Setiady. In 1981, the company established the first modern factory on Jl. Pulo Ayang No. 3, Pulogadung Industrial Estate, which manufactures cosmetics and herbal medicine with brand "Sariayu-Martha Tilaar" for the first time. In 1986, the Company established a second modern factory on Jl. Pulo Kambing, Pulogadung Industrial Estate ("Pulo Kambing Factory").

Today, Martha Tilaar Group consists of PT Martina Berto, PT Cedefindo (marketing strategic planner and production), PT SAI Indonesia (distributor for Martha Tilaar Group products), PT Martha Beauty Gallery (consultation and beauty education service such as Puspita Martha School of Beauty), Martha Tilaar Spa, Cipta Busana, Art and Beauty Martha Tilaar, PT Cantika Puspa Pesona (local and international franchise management for Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa, Eastern Garden Spa Martha Tilaar), PT Creative Style (advertising agency) and PT Kreasi Boga (human resources agency).

1. Biokos
Biokos is a skin treatment product for women age 20 to 50. Created for the face, Biokos products are made of natural ingredients to prevent wrinkles and keep the skin clear and smooth. 

2. Caring Colors
Caring Colours is a cosmetic product with skin care benefit, designed for young professionals. Caring Colours products help perfecting professional women’s dynamic, energetic and stylish appearance. 

The gathering was held in Outback Steakhouse, Kuningan City Mall, Centre of Jakarta by March 29th 2014 from 01.00 PM to 04.00 PM. The purpose of Martha Tilaar held this gathering is to thank the important role of Indonesian Beauty Bloggers that spread the news and to tell the world that Indonesia has an IDENTITY VALUE in beauty world. This also was said in short speech by the owner of Martha Tilaar, Mrs. Dr. HC. Martha Tilaar during her surprise visit to Outback Steakhouse to welcome us. She's amazingly healthy, pretty and forever young at her age. :)

She told us about her journeys to breakthrough the mindset of most Indonesian people's mind of being an outsider of their nationalism. She was first nick-named as a "non sense person" or "crazy one" because of her dream to bring Indonesia to the world in beauty heritage. But she kept moving on instead, she didn't care about what people said about her movement. This is the embryo of making Indonesia has the identity of Asian beauty. Now, abroad people are always wanting the spa of Bali, the natural body scrub & massage sensation of Java, the colors collection of Sumatra, etc. She did! Now, anyone still doesn't know Martha Tilaar? Don't kidding me, OK? Hehe. Oh BTW, this event was free of charge, mentioned in Biokos and Caring Colors Facebook fan page. So make sure hit that LIKE button on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to be update about products, tips and this kind of event in the future (links are above in the Brief Information).

As the ice breaking action, we were asked to join the the-quickest-follower kind of game which the participants were meant to follow as quick as possible twitter account or Facebook fanpage of both Biokos and Caring Colors to get while-the-stock-last prizes provided. I succeed to get the Caring Colors BB Cream Samples and Biokos 30s Exfoliating Lotion! Yay!!

Move to the next segment, there was Ms. Nancy who explained about the post-event competition: Blog Writing. Then there was also Ms. Rika stood in front of us to tell about Caring Colors and Biokos in details, about the products, and more about this brand.

After having lunch, it was Mrs. Edwina Waas as the School Management of Puspita Martha International Beauty School who became the first speaker. At her time, she told us how the beauty industry has been taking the important role through every single life segment, she called it "Beautypreneurship". It is proven by the part that always be given to beauty stuff, for a tiny example: even you are working for a car industry, you need something to touch up a little bit to make the image of your car looks polished when you are in need of advertising your products and that stuffs are beauty and make up. So, Puspita Martha School of Beauty answers this needs by adding some competitive curriculum that will make every graduated person become the most creative and the most considered one because of his/her skills. Another proof that Beauty takes the deep of our life was in 2013 Puspita Martha International Beauty School has graduated the youngest student of all: 9 years old girl and during her study, she took the most complicated curriculum: Traditional Bridal major. *speechless*

Another speechless moments were when Mrs. Edwina Waas talked to one of the graduate person who came there, Andi Phang, about how all eyes on the people who graduated from Puspita Martha International School. Because once you graduated from there, you definitely will get the turnover as little as Rp5 million per client or as big but not limited to as Rp100 million per event you handle in your group as soonest as you drown your self into this business, and Andi had the same opinion for that. *jawdrop*

Here's the proof of 10 most promising job taken from Kompas newsletter (edition was not mentioned). Yes, I understand I only captured the top 5. But I will break down below that top 5. *pardon me*

1. Fashion Industry (fashion designer, makeup artist, or art director).
2. Interior and Building (architect, interior designer or exterior designer).
3. Music and Theater Art (musician, composer, coreographer, script writer, and artist)
4. Technology and information (web developer, web programmer, game developer)
5. Advertising (graphic design, product designer, industry designer and copywriter)

Her tips about beauty business:
1. Beautypreneurship is doing business from home (it was reminding to how Martha Tilaar company first established) by establishing spa house, beauty salon, beauty clinic, being a freelance makeup artist for wedding or events.
2. Take baby steps with words of mouth and expanding network by giving name cards (having personal image/branding).
3. If you want to take a little forward, focusing on high level market.
4. Spot your business place in strategic areas.
5. Innovative, creative, and mastering in anatomy beautypreneur (knowledge, passion, and fire) and in motivation (skill, knowledge and attitude).

Move on to the next session with Dr. Astrid Fabiola Tilaar, MSi who is one from Magister of Aesthetic Herbal at University of Indonesia graduates and also as the consulting doctor of Puspita Martha International Beauty School. Okay, at her time of speech, she talked about the latest technology of skincare "Cosmeceuticals". At a glance, it can be explained that Cosmeceuticals stands between Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals (medicals). It is the new innovation that nowadays every girls should try outta there. It's more like a decorative make-up with the certain functions of skincare (anti wrinkle, anti spot, anti acne, uv filter, whitening, firming, and so on). (Caring Colors has this!) So your cosmetics are not only beautifying you but also care about your skin even further on the inside.

In this speech, Dr. Astrid told us about skin rejuvenation (but for me, the most easy way to understand this is by these words: aesthetic procedures) that involve these things:

The 4 Rs for Rejuvenation
1. Relax (having Botox is one of the skin relaxation procedures, because Botox acts as the relax agents to the muscles in certain areas like forehead and the edge of the lips).
2. Refill (fill the lacking. This procedure usually be taken to take care cheek part (derma filler)).
3. Resurface (fights against uneven surface of the skin by laser. I guess it's the best procedures to have a more baby skin?)
4. Redrape (Surgical Procedures involving plastics surgery).

Going next to the last segment: BEAUTY CLASS by BIOKOS and CARING COLORS. First chapter is about Facial Care. Here we gooo...

Mentored by Mrs. Nur Azzizah (with Biokos), we were trained to have a better skin care especially in cleansing and massaging. For those who don't know yet, every single time we cleanse our face, it's better to give an extra treatment to it: face massaging. It's also called as acupressure which will stimulate the blood flow in our face to give the radiant result afterwards.

Here's the step by step:

1. Pour your milk cleanser on your hand then divide it into 5 different points on your face (chin, cheeks, nose, forehead and neck).
2. Face massaging with your 2, 3, or 5 fingers (as per your liking).
3. With circular motion from the chin, massage up to around below the ears, and back to the chin. Do that in 3 times.
4. With circular motion from the chin, massage up to below the nose, up to the forehead and go back to the chin. Do that in 3 times.
5. Do the "scissor hands" motion to massage the lips areas (area above upper lip and area below lower lip). Do that in 3 times in exchange with right hand and left hand.
6. Neck Massaging. Start from lower part of your center neck up to the chin, the move to your lower part right and lower part left of your neck. Do that in 3 times.
7. Cleanse the left out milk cleanser by tissue or cotton pad.
8. Do face washing.
9. Apply face toner to freshen up and to extra clean the left out cleanser.
10. Apply your favorite moisturizer.

Next to the chapter 2 and also as the closing part: Make Up!

Yes, this part was lead by Mr. Toney, professional make up artist and the lecturer from Puspita Martha International Beauty School.

Now let's start to make up, all products were CARING COLORS..

1. The step began with applying BB Cream. We were using Luminizing BB Cream (and I was quite surprise that basically this BB Cream had the velvety finish and good coverage. I am like a foundation and concealer girl, so for me nothing can beat the combo of those two! But this BB Cream, was such a great deal!)

2. By using the make up palette provided, I put on Sea Gold compact powder that really suited my skin tone. I have a long journey and fight during to find the shade of powder to my skin tone. I'm gonna to give it a shot though I have ever tried compact powder from Caring Colors, but again wrong shade gave me the down side in repurchase. But now I have a reason to check on the beauty counter....

3. Then drew eyebrow to define the shape of yours. I personally do not like having my eyebrow plucked because I couldn't stand the pain. And I made myself to not having my eyebrow plucked ever since. BUT, gaining many information through time, helped me into conclusion that beside plucking your eyebrow is not allowed in Islam, the shape can be defined by using the help of eyebrow pencils, eyebrow gels, or eyebrow powder.

4.  EYESHADOW PART IS ALWAYS MINE! YAY! I love love love super love my eyes, the round shape and everything about it. That's why I always put my time on my eyes mostly. Since it was afternoon, more over has entering the spring, I would like to put some sun kiss colors onto my eyelid. That was why I chose Sunrise Glows from the collection of Luxurious Perfecting Eyeshadow. (psstt it was on sale too on the spot!)

5. Applying eyeliner and mascara to get a dramatic look. Adding faux lashes will give a more dramatic one. But I chose not to had it on.

6. Bronzer is good to get a shaped and more contoured face. I decided to put on that brown eyeshadow as my bronzer to sculpt my nose.

7. Time to blush! Yess, I gave it a go to Terra Cotta blush on. It matched to my orangey-coral eyeshadow and added a more sun kiss look.

8. For the lipstick, since I brought it my self, I used my Sariayu Karimunjawa 02 that suited my look that day. It's a beautiful nude pink with a coral hue undertone. And here's my look before and after...

After having pictures with the make over model, the event was officially ended. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN, THANK YOU.. I hope Martha Tilaar will be able to held this kind of events in the next time with the latest trends happening at that time and the more expert techniques that only could be done by the professionals. *pray hard*


  1. wow! the event sounds super fun! And the food are super ;)

  2. hello dear, yess indeed it was so great joining this event. moreover the hamperssss hihihih. I like this brand since i was too young, and so much honored that i could meet Mrs. Martha Tilaar. thanks yo.. :)

  3. Oh that food.. I am hungry now! Hehe..

  4. Haha, yes indeed. It's a drool, Thea.. Thank you!


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