Estee Lauder x Fimela: Beautiful Eyes [EVENT]

Estee Lauder x Fimela - Recently, Estee Lauder has held an event called "Beautiful Eyes" featuring Fimela. And I was lucky to have been registered to join this event. This is gonna be a long post, so please keep reading to get the thorough message.

Estee Lauder has just launched its new line of eyeshadow to public. This product is called "Pure Color Instant Intense" and featuring Fimela, they held an event for two days at Sogo Plaza Senayan, Jakarta from 22-23 Feb 2014


The event itself, which involving the private consultant William Kim who is the Senior Make Up Artist of Estee Lauder from Korea, was held in several locations in Jakarta. Started from February 19th 2014 at Seibu Grand Indonesia, then on February 20th 2014 at Sogo Kelapa Gading, then on February 21st 2014 at Metro Taman Anggrek, goes on February 22nd Beauty Workshop at JW Marriott Hotel and at last on February 23rd at Sogo Plaza Senayan. But I could only attend one of those time and places. On February 22nd 2014 at Plaza Senayan to be exact.

It was started by 1 PM with the slightly huge thunderstorm and rain outside. Fortunately, me and my husband were safe and sound went through those couple of thunderstorm and rain by riding motorcycle and that was not shrinking away my intention of joining this event.

In Plaza Senayan (PS) the beauty event was involved by Mrs. Priscil as the product management from Estee Lauder and Jeanice the Beauty Blogger from Fimela. I personally gained many new information from attending this event because joining this.

The first timing of this event, the host and Mrs. Priscil explained about the best selling product of Estee Lauder, the new line of Estee Lauder's eye make up, then a little bit about the result of several ways of applying foundation. I'll explain the details below together with Jeanice's way of making over the volunteer.


But, before explaining about the result of several ways of applying foundation, she firstly told us about the innovation tools that Estee Lauder has made to help the customer finds the best shade of Estee Lauder foundations that match to as closest as the skin tone. This tools was called "iMatch Digital Finder". The tool's way of work was by scanning several spots of the face: forehead, cheek, and chin by firstly cleansed up the areas. The tool needs about 10 second to scan every area needed. Then after it finished, it showed the number shade of several Estee Lauder's foundations that match to the skin tone.

The main course itself was about beauty make over and knowledge adding guided by beauty blogger from Fimela, named Jeanice. She was sooo kind and patiently answered question by question from the participants, included me. Hahaha. While making over the volunteer, she was explaining step by step of making your face incredibly amazing. And here are what she mentioned:

1. Before applying any product onto your skin, make sure your face is cleansed thoroughly (especially your holy hand fingers, girls). Cleansing make up can be done by using your favorite cleansing products: cleansing milk and toner. (I add my opinion here that I DO AGREE to her, especially for toner itself. Because I have a super oily skin, face toner is my sebum reducing holy grail product. It can remove any left milk cleansing product and most important it will tightened your pores so the sebum excess can be prevented right from the start).

2. Apply moisturizer with SPF (for sure) lightly on to your skin. For oily skin, a primer is the next important product after moisturizer. It sets your skin, like filling fine lines, evens the skin tone, and may reduce the appearance of big pores and excess sebum. But for dry to normal skin, you may skip this primer step.


3. EYE CREAM IS A MUST! Some of you may experience smudging, fall out, and may be strikes when applying eye make up such as eyeshadow or eyeliner. It is caused by dry eyes or even oily skin. That's why, don't forget to apply it on to your eye lid and under eye with the motion to outer area of the eyes (upper area near the cheekbone) to give a lifting massage effect. Jeanice also added that dry skin is caused by the bad habit that we may do like smoking or too lazy to drink fresh water. She also said that fresh water is completely IMPORTANT and better to stay away from smoking. The smoke itself can cause wrinkles when it touches face skin as the long-term effect, while lacking in drinking fresh water can cause the uneven skin tone and dull skin because your skin doesn't have enough natural moisturizer. For the oily skin, these things will happen also undoubtedly. We know that oily skin will give a good skin type because its regeneration is more than normal or dry skin (BLESSED ME!) but it doesn't mean we don't do anything about it. Oily skin is the second skin type that need the moisturizer the most after dry skin. Because the more you can't give the enough moisturizer, the more sebum is produced to make the skin moist. So don't forget to stay away from smoking, from not drinking enough fresh water and from not applying moisturizer (with SPF, IMO).

4. Foundation is the next thing. Jeanice mentioned that many of women in Indonesia has the common habit of applying the foundation by using the fingers. In other of making sure your fingers are clean (as I said above), the other is applying foundation by only tapping it until it blends perfectly using a ring finger. But then actually Jeanice and I have the same habit: always applying foundation by using brush. I also asked her the difference of using the tapered foundation brush and flat top/stippling foundation brush. She said that she prefers flat top/stippling foundation brush to apply foundation onto the skin because it does give the full coverage finish since the density of the brush's bristles is more than the tapered foundation brush's. But the tapered foundation brush itself is good for any targeted area of your face like if you want to cover any redness or black spots (it similar to how you want your concealer brush applies your favorite concealer, IMO). Beside using the brush, Mrs. Priscil continued by explaining the differences of using foundation with several tools: the finger, the brush and the sponge.


- By Finger : it will give the extra full coverage since your finger's skin doesn't absorb any of the products. So it is the effective way to get a flawless finish, but make sure that you also MUST to apply only enough amount of foundation if you don't wanna have a cakey look.

- By Foundation Brush : it will give a good coverage of foundation because using brush you also make sure that your product doesn't end in such a waste. I add my opinion here that maybe you need some practices to make perfect act because some people may experience a strikey finish after using foundation brush, especially if you use a tapered foundation brush.

- By Triangle Sponge : if you don't know how to apply the foundation correctly, you'll end up your favorite product in a waste because the natural behavior of the sponge itself is to absorb the liquid (which is the main ingredient of most foundation products). But in addition, triangle sponge does transfer you a little amount of your favorite foundation on to your skin. So it's suitable if you want to have a daily make up, for the one who doesn't like wearing a foundation but wants to try to wear it, for the one who wants to apply BB Cream/CC Cream or the one who wants a light make up base. Another advantage of using it maybe similar with tapered foundation brush: it will reach the targeted areas such as the under eye, the side of the nose, or even below your bottom lipline. Triangle sponge does reach the "hidden" areas perfectly.

5. Powder Set. Complete any of the those base things with powder to set them up. Using it as minimal as possible (because the less is more).

6. Eye make up. Use your favorite eye shadow on to you eye lid. For daily use, try to use a natural color of eyeshadow and lipstick. Nowadays, people like the minimal make up or no make up look so apply them with the less is more attitude. Another is using the faux lashes. Before applying it, make sure to put on the glue along the glue line of it and put more amount on every edge to make sure the faux lashes sticks firmly. Wait until 30 seconds or so then it is ready to be put on on to your upper eye liner.

After the beauty make over and Q&A session, the event was proceed to the "lucky dip" session and souvenir given. I got the Rp50,000 eye make up voucher which was valid until February 23rd 2014 on the spot, a voucher to get a eye make over, free trial iMatch Digital Finder, and a pair of "Lavie" faux lashes (which is Jeanice eye make up line that is still not published yet).

Too bad that I couldn't use the voucher because seemed there were not any of eye make up had caught my attention. But I did buy a concealer like this because the applicator has caught my attention, besides its double function as a soft highlighter IMO. (LOL)

So that's all. I hope we all can learn the new things in make up world and enhance our self by make up. Because make up is not adding what you lack of but it enhances the best of you have.


  1. Do you use Estee Lauder product as well??

  2. Hello Madelaine, I'm not a person who wearing such a high brand. But in seldom time, when I feel like I want to use it, I'll buy it. The only product that I use from Estee Lauder the whole time in my life is just their concealer.


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