Ellips : Shine Like Stars! Rambut Sehat, Rambut Ellips *

Rambut Bersinar Bak Bintang dengan Ellips Pro Keratin Complex

Dear my Beauty Invaders,

Tanggal 19 September 2016 lalu, saya menghadiri acara Tea Party with Ellips Hair Care yang bertajuk “Shine Like Stars” di Wyl’s Kitchen,  Hotel Veranda, Jakarta. Sewaktu menghadiri acara tersebut, saya terkesima melihat dekorasi yang dibuat sangat unyu-unyu. Semua didominasi warna pink yang merupakan warna kegemaran saya.

Elizabeth Helen Lipstick No.15

Hello Beauty Invaders,

This time I want to blog in English. O my God, I miss blogging in English! LOL. It's not like I hate blogging in Bahasa but I think this is the time for me to test out my writing in English. Hehehe.

Some of my friends have been knowing this brand for so long, while I have just heard of it. If it was not because of the video competition that the brand held some time ago, I would never ever heard of it. Hehehe.