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Recently, I made a purchase at Althea Korea. Well, Althea is somewhat new for me (or anyone else in Indonesia), since they just opened their online store for Indonesia customers.

FYI, this isn't a sponsored post though my decision in making a purchase at Althea Korea was somewhat influenced by many of my friends' sponsored posts. LOL... LOL...

So, here's us. I mean, I got these chats, talking about Althea Korea who jumped in to online store band wagon. My friends who were lucky to get the sponsorship told me what Althea Korea is. So it is basically an online store which is based at Seoul, South Korea. Many of the products which are sold by Althea are really unfamiliar to my ears. The thing is, the shipment is so damn good. I thought it was too good to be true. I mean, 4 business days delivery straight from South Korea? You'd be kidding me! But when I did the purchase, it did deliver in 4 business days (not include national holidays)!

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After placing my order, I decided to choose the payment via Alfamart. Hell no, there's no other online stores which I know giving easier way like paying through the all around mini market like this. Especially if you don't have bank account. So, you don't have to bother anyone else who has a bank account numpang transfer.. hehe and simply go straight to Alfamart to make a payment! Easy-peasy!

After making a payment by showing the cashier the email from Althea, the purchase was automatically confirmed as paid and proceeded to the next step of delivering process. So, you don't need to confirm what-so-ever your order through the web, email, or blah. Everything was automatically worked! All you just do is sitting nicely, checking email from Althea if your order is in "shipped" status, and wait the courier knocks your door in 4 business days later.

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I was lucky enough that when I made my purchase, I got the Rp100,000 discount voucher in the injury time day since the voucher was only valid until April 30th 2016 and I made my purchase by then. The voucher can be used with minimum purchase of Rp300,000 which is the range of my total shopping amount. I made the payment at noon, and the next day, the package was in process of delivery. By Tuesday May 3rd 2016, I got the email from Althea telling me that my package was in "shipped" status. But since there were 2 national holidays in the week (May 5th and 6th) so I got my hands on the package by May 11th 2016 at noon! When the package was arrived, there's nothing like custom fee or anything else related to that. Holy Moly!

So here it is the all purchase that I made from Althea Korea. I bought 2 things from it and both of them are base cosmetics: two way cake powder and foundation cushion. Though I chose the darkest shade in the range (number 23), still the color is lighter than my skin tone. That's the minus thing every time I buy base cosmetics from the country, they don't produce any shade darker than number 23, as long as I know.

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Chica Y Chico Mat Fix, Matt Cushion: this was the first thing in my wish list. When ci Lina told me that she got her hands to this product, I directly head to Althea and looked for it. For her, this one kept her face matte all day. Thought I am not sure of its durability towards my super oily face, I need to give it a go. FYI, me and ci Lina (from Alleria Make Up Artist) has very good gap of skin tone's shade. This number 23 is really suits her the most. Well, while me, I think I need to mix it up with another darker shades of foundation.

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Witch's Pouch Velvet Two Way Cake: another raving that I recently have is about powder. Yes, lately I love wearing powders but not for liquid foundation. I just feel like I want to get these brushes a little bit of their summer break. So, cushion will be my new baes or two way cakes. This one was "poisoned" by ci Irene (from Bandar Krupux). For her, the longevity of this powder wearing is "kitchen-apporoved"! Why? Because she thought that any cosmetics' durability which passed the situation of the kitchen (read: cooking, baking, and anything) would be hella good! And I am after something like this because of my environment of summer everyday ya kan di planet Bekasi.

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Alright, that's the wrap. Surprisingly, Althea has put this bonus sachet in my package. Hope everything that I bought from Althea is somewhat fit me! YOSSS!!!


  1. In enjoyed your beauty review of this online company and your beauty picks! I have never heard of this company until your post!



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