[REVIEW] * Avene Eau Thermale Sunblock SPF 50+

Dear all Invaders,

Because summer is here, I'm gonna talk about the thing that would be our BFF for all this season: SUNBLOCK! As an intro, I'd say that I LIKE IT! So, let's jump in to the review!


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Avene Eau Thermale is a product that focuses on skin care. The story of Avene has begun since the very long ago, about 270 years, the number to show their expertise in caring the sensitive skin. Avene is rooted in dermatology and hydrotherapy and trusted worldwide because of its ability in soothe and calm skin's irritations.

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The bright, eye-catchy, and vivid orange color is the signature of this product. It has a carton box as an outer and the product itself comes with a pump tube. I like it since it will keep the product as hygienic as possible as well as travel friendly. It contains of 50ml product which is a little bit more than usual products which only 30ml in average.


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The texture of this Avene Sunblock is considered as light-weight though it's creamy. At first, when pumping the product, I felt that it would be greasy and thick and really gave a major white-cast on the face like what sunblock products normally do. It turned out melted in the skin and felt like I had nothing sunblock on. Felt like I had a normal moisturizer.

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Since this product was given by Avene as a goodie bag, I don't really know where exactly you can get this product. All I know is the price's around Rp300,000-ish. But I guess you can ask your closest drugstore to find this Avene sunblock product.

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I must say, I like this product in terms of texture and how it feels on my skin. As you probably know that I have my own favorite sunblock since that was the most light-weight I feel on my skin. But it turns out this is gonna be my another favorite sunblock.

Since I found it in thick, creamy texture, I thought it would be hard to work with. But I was wrong. Yes, maybe it needs a little bit effort to buff it into your skin because it isn't easily spread out but nothing specific other than that. Once it is set on to your skin, you will feel like wearing no sunblock. Just like a regular moisturizer: doesn't give an in-your-face shine. Just a healthy looking skin.

Speaking about how my skin reacted to this product, I got 2 little bumps near the nose area after two days of wearing. I was kindda afraid that it would break my skin out, but I kept going to wear for a full week and the bumps are now gone. So, I consider the bumps as the warm greeting from the sunblock. Hehe.

In the terms of price, I don't really like it. I mean, it's 3 times of my regular sunblock's price. So, this one would be in my consideration of repurchasing in the future. Other than that, it's a good product.

Tell me in the comment below whether if you had tried it on or share your experience with me. Thanks for reading!