[REVIEW] Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss - Pink Peony + Crystal Lilac

Hi girls! Now I just bought a couple of new Revlon stuffs. I bought them was because I ran out of my color lipgloss in my makeup bag. Well, actually, I didn't really run out of them but those lipglosses were the ones and only which I had since over a year ago! LOL so ironic having some old stuffs amongst the new ones!! So I decided to go to local store and started to hunt!

Revlon Lipgloss in Peonny Pivonne and Crystal Lilac

My intention in looking for the lipgloss was I wanted something with color and not just that gloss since I have a quite pigmented lips. Besides, I have a serious problem with dry lips and I would never ever go outside without something to cover my lips (even it's just a colorless lipbalm)..

The reason why I chose this Revlon is because this is Revlon (you know what I mean! LOL) as the famous brand and it's not the kind of that pricey things compared with Make Up Forever or MAC or YSL or any similar brands. After all, you would never question the quality of this brand, would you? So you will have a smart beauty and still got smart saving! That's how a smart buyer does! After having being here and there, so I surrendered to the sales person of what she came up with: these lipglosses!

First of all, this is objectively-opinionated, from how these lipglosses work my lips out! See pics below for swatches:

Revlon Lipgloss Swatch

Secondly, from the texture, as many as other lipglosses in the store, it has a jelly form, kindda shimmery but the plus thing from my side is this is not that sticky. I have tried Maybelline and it's a way thinner that that, also I've tried some local brands like Sariayu, Mustikaratu and Make Over, they're somewhat kindda sticky. But this is not, which is good! Since it has fine shimmery things inside but absolutely it doesn't give any that bling-bling thing but a good light reflection on your lips.

Third, from the smell.. It has a bit slight typical of fruity thing. I guess it won't bother anyone especially to those who can't stand any chemical scent which might appear in every cosmetic product.

Revlon Lipgloss Peony Pivonne on the lips

Fourth, staying power. This is the only factor why I a bit dislike them. It only last for about 1-2hrs (max. 3hrs) without drinking or eating. If you do so, maybe it will last only 1hr or less. It's a huge different from Make Over's lipgloss that can stay over 4hrs or more if you don't eat/drink (even if you have done drinking or eating you still can feel it moist your lips, so don't bother of reapplying the product.) I'll give 2,5/5 for this point since I got a serious problem of dry lips and kindda a bit dislike of reapplying the product over and over again.

Revlon Lipgloss Crystal Lilac on the lips

Fifth, from the product's appearance. This kind comes up with the typical slim square tube, which is so handy in storing or even if you want to slip it in your purse. And for the brush, it comes with the standard doe-foot-like as for the applicator. I like the applicator so much because it's a bit different from the other typical lipgloss and this is so flexible that it follows your lips contour smoothly and really eases you in application of the products.

Revlon Lipgloss Square Tube

Revlon Lipgloss Doe Foot applicator

Sixth, from the price, here in Indonesia, it worths Rp. 75.000 each . Approximately US$7 - US$8. This is quite inexpensive, even could be bought by students, I guess.


Rate: 3,5/5
Repurchase: NO
Recommend: YES

Have you tried these Revlon's lipglosses? Which shade do you have? How do you say? Share to me!!