[REVIEW] Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Lipstick

Hallo freund! Willkomen!

I am now craving for purple lips!!! Just a little reminder that October is coming closer so I want to make some preparation to a bolder look. You know that I am an attention seeker, don't you? :D

Alright, today's review comes from my new favorite drugstore brand: Wet n Wild in the series of Fergie Center Stage. Since months ago this brand has entered some of the drugstore and supermarket in Indonesia, like Guardian, Watson's, and Carrefour, it's directly rocketing to be the one of my top list drugstore brand favorites. Aside from that, Wet n Wild also embraces Fergie as its brand ambassador. Lovely!

The shade we're talking about here is Ferguson Crest Cabernet. Haha, I don't know why they put such a long name, but the only thing I'm sure is Wet n Wild named this shade after this wine. I like how Wet n Wild puts some words play on every product they have. Like "I Can Bare It" (brown nude color), "Red My Mind" (true red color), or from Mega Last series: "Wine Room" (wine red color), "Smokin' Hot Pink" (bright pink with blue undertone), "Cherry Picking" (red cherry color) and many more. Seriously, they're pretty creative to think such those words play. LOL.

*Packaging: The packaging of this lipstick is quite simple and a little bit futuristic as it has a mirror-like silvery coat around almost the whole body and cap with a black lining imprinted "Fergie". On the top cap, you can see the "F" graffiti embossed, I suppose it is for "another" Fergie. The top cap also has a clear part which makes us be able to see the color of lipstick bullet. On the bottom, you can see the shade name. It comes as a classic and standard lipstick package, you need to pull up the cap and twist the holder so you can use the product. Well, things you need to know: slowly pulling up the cap since the lipstick bullet isn't fully slipped in the holder, otherwise you'll end up breaking the lipstick later and put it in the huge mess.

*Formula and Texture: Soft, velvety lipsticks glide on silky-smooth for weightless wear. This one has a good creamy formula. I don't say it is nice because as I tried, you need to swipe them carefully in accordance to be applied evenly. You need a lip brush for this matter. Claimed as long wearing and specially formulated with anti-aging technology, as well as vitamins and minerals to keep lips soft, smooth, and kissable all-day.

*Color: This is a deep berry purple wine color, but with a much violet hues. The color makes it obviously clear why they chose Ferguson Crest Cabernet as the name. Pretty suitable for a Halloween look or in winter. The color pay-off is great, very great for such a drugstore brand. At first, I was so too intimidated by the look of it as I was afraid that it might look too dark for me. But, when I applied it, it turned out to be more pink than I thought it was. Such an ironic, I got a disappointment in a different way. Don't worry, this one is pretty good too, I just feel that it doesn't meet my expectation of a true purple lipstick.

*Pigmentation: uh-huh, this one is the thing you don't need to question. Wet n Wild is a brand that is famous for their quality of pigmentation. And this one, aside from this dark color, try to be careful to swipe on your lips. You can try to put on your lip liner prior to use.

*Scent: As I notice, no scent at all. So for you who feel so burden by the most lipstick scent, this one is your choice!

*Final Verdict: I like this lipstick. But not too drown in it. Well, at the moment, I am craving some lipsticks that are more purple. For the first impression, I found this one was the one that I wanted. But right away after wearing it, this lipstick turned to be more pink. Then I realize that it may be my skin tone which caused this. As I have a yellow undertone skin, I think it makes the pink turns out to be more bright than the blue/violet instead. I have searched from other's reviews and yes obviously they are not from Asia, like US, UK and Europe, and this lipstick is the one which flatters them pale skin with blue undertone. Sob..Sob.. I like the purple on them, that's why I bought it.. :( Well, actually the color that I want to achieve is more like a true purple like this below pic without any more effort (because in this photo, she used the same lipstick paired with MAC Lipliner "Currant"). But, yes, maybe I'll figure things out pair this lipstick to another color in my stash to achieve what I want or maybe creating some new things. Let's see.

[caption id="attachment_1087" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Purple Lips Purple Lips[/caption]

(check the source in here : http://www.pinterest.com/pin/273664114831925674/)

But over all, I love Wet N Wild in general. This lipstick gives you an opaque result and pretty much leaves a pretty plum pink stain afterwards. When you apply it, it feels so moist and comfortable. But I suggest you to have your lips scrubbed and applied the lipbalm to give an extra smooth application and result. The purple berry shade doesn't meet the daily wear. I suppose this color only suits you in the night or in winter or any special occasion like Halloween. If you're an attention seeker like me, then yes, GO FOR IT without any hesitation whether it is day or night! Once this set, it stays but it does smudge and transfer, so you better prepare and be careful of any stain that will transfer to your coat, your spoon as you eat and the glass as you drink. Many of the bloggers also said that this Ferguson is a great dupe for MAC Rebel. Since I dont own any of that MAC Rebel, I randomly picked the one on Google, like the one I'm taking the picture from:

[caption id="attachment_1089" align="aligncenter" width="600"]WNW Ferguson is a dupe of MAC Rebel WNW Ferguson is a dupe of MAC Rebel[/caption]

(check the source in here : http://nessasarymakeup.blogspot.com/2013/01/wet-n-wild-beauty-fergie-centerstage.html)

In Indonesia it costs Rp 119,000 (Guardian, Watsons) (around US$10), it will surprise you with the staying power. It stays for 5-6 hours as my experience wearing it from 2PM to 8PM without any drinks and food. But soon, after 2 hours you apply it, the shine will be gone with the wind. Leaving you with a nice satin finish and the light weight feeling. Don't worry, even I have a heavy meal (Nasi Goreng Gila which is full of those fried things) and a bottle of water, the stain left forever until you remove it. You'll only need something mild like a milk cleanser as it much easier to remove than the stain of Make Over lipstick left. When I saw my self on the mirror and checked on my lips, it looked like nothing happen, so I hold back my intention to touch up my lips. Hehe. Let me say, it's quite unique one, eh? Hehe.. I highly recommend you for a vamp vampire look. (I imagine that I'm wearing a leather jacket, jeans, knee boots, and a shawl on my neck... Ugh! That will be pretty much COOL to get this lipstick some fashion pairs)

So, any of you have tried this out? Or will you? Tell me and discuss it in the comment.