Masami Shouko 08 HD Flat Top Brush [REVIEW]

Masami Shouko 08 HD Flat Top Brush - Searching alternatives (cheaper alternative product for exactly) is always be my option to cheat on my bank account. Sigma F80 Flat Top Brush is always on my top list in my Brush To-Buy list. BUT, the fact that this brand doesn’t lay their hands on Indonesia’s market yet, I feel too intimidated by the process that I need to buy through credit card, wait the shipping for almost a month or more, and also the fact that the shipping cost is sometimes MORE THAN the product’s price. Not to mention the chance of good lost in shipping. Me was like: BLAH! SKIP!

Masami Shouko
08 HD Flat Top Brush


Fortunately, when coincidentally visiting one of the Indonesia e-commerce website, I got struck by the Make Up Goddess’ lightning and found this brush: MASAMI SHOUKO 08 HD FLAT TOP BRUSH without any consideration of searching through out Google man, I bought it! Oh, did I say this brush was some what a brand new released one? Ok, and here it is:

Packaging and Appearance: Since 08 HD FLAT TOP BRUSH comes from the professional line, so the packaging is a little bit more exclusive. With a black glossy box and a clear plastic in the front, you’ll easily see the form of the brush. It has a black sturdy wooden handle stick, pretty big and weighted a little more than any facial brush I ever grabbed. The appearance shows that it’s strong enough. The bristles are so dense and thick. I personally say this will give you a flawless and well-blended foundation result.


The performance: Well yes, this one is my favorite brush at the moment. I always use it if I want to make some flawless make up look. You know, I treasure this one now. I tend not to use this on daily basis (apply bb cream or cc cream). The result of this was great, I like it. It really blends the foundation well, but considering the shape it will not reached some tricky areas such as around the nose, or under the eyes, or any other of yours. But I don’t mind, I can directly grab my pointed foundation brush to blend the foundation on to those areas. The density of the bristles will give you some kind like a sheer coverage but you can adjust it accordingly if you want to high up the coverage.

Price: Well yes, for a single brush, I may say the price is quite something. As I ever bought the Real Techniques Core Collection (which is contented of 4 brushes: Buffing Brush, Contouring Brush, Pointed Foundation brush, and Detailer brush and a brush container) with only about Rp300,000 or so at one of my favorite online store, this one costs Rp188,900 for a single brush. Yes, even so, I know Masami Shouko’s professional line has the higher price tag than any other line it has.


The Availability: Masami Shouko has the easier access to be reached in Indonesia. You know, I don’t really like to be too much in patient while wanting to get my hands on certain products. So, when it comes to the brush, I always make sure my self to check on Masami Shouko series at the first hand. Masami Shouko can be reached in some big stores in certain big cities in Indonesia. Otherwise, you can check on or or to know whether the brush of your wanting is availble or not. (pssstt, these three e-commerce webs will give you a free of charge shipping in certain amount of shopping, make sure to check’em out)



  • Easily reached to be bought

  • Dense bristles

  • Adjustable coverage

  • Blends well


  • A little bit pricey for a single brush

  • Quite hard to be cleaned because of its density

  • Will be your tricky attempt to reach the hidden areas

  • A little fall out bristles after several uses

So, what do you think about this brush? Did you ever use this brush? Or anything similar to that matter? Please share me your thought in the comment section below.


  1. Really similar to Sigma F80... I, too, am in a search of finding a great dupe of Sigma F80. I don't think this brush is available in Paris. :( Too bad!


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