Brazil Flag Inspired Make Up [EOTD]

Brazil Flag Inspired Make Up - Here's my another tries on how I made a cut crease eye of the day. Well, the theme that I bring here is inspired by the Brazilian flag colors as where FIFA World Cup 2014 took place.

Brazil Flag Inspired Make Up

I love how colorful the colors are. I think it is a great combo of colors. Beside, I have never tried any make up consists of these colors, that is another reasons why I decided to make this one. 


As you may see, I did the yellow eyeshadow in the middle part of the eyelid. Then, I put a deep green liner as the cut crease and the lighter green one on the deep green liner. As for the eyeliner, I put a blue eyeliner across the top and bottom lash line.


I didn't put my fake lashes on simply because I wanted all focus to the eyes. I don't wanna get any distraction to the colors. To finish everything up, I chose the my-lips-but-better color of lipgloss to neutralize the festivities.


So, what do you think of it? Me, myself saw the result as the imperfect one but at least I tried to make it happen. Hehehe. Tell me in comments below! I'll see you soon!


  1. Looks great and love how it matches your head scarf :)

  2. On the contrary !! I felt it was a great try !! I wouldn't be able to do even that :) It sure looks lovely on you!!

    GIG Love

  3. Nice post... You look cute with the skirt...:)


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