Make Over Lip Color Pencil [REVIEW]

Make Over Lip Color Pencil - Right now, I'm posting a swatch of Make Over's Lip Color Pencil in Dazzling Nude, Flirtous Red and Marilyn Pink. I just knew that Make Over has this kind of lipstick. It caught my attention that I have never seen anything like this since forever.

Make Over Lip Color Pencil


When the first time I saw these things, I just felt in love. Haha, but this is something which can be considered as a beauty on-the-go products. I also remind you here that my post will not contain any lips swatch. I did swatch on the back of my arm only.

For exact, the lip color range has five shades of colors. They are Dazzling Nude, Vintage Brown, Marylin Pink, Disco Pink, and Flirtous Red. But in here, I just give you the swatch for three of them (Dazzling Nude, Flirtous Red and Marilyn Pink) that I thought it will be the most suitable color in the most every single occasion you may have.

1. Packaging
The appearance of this lip pencil caught me at the first time. The design is similar with any jumbo pencil that you ever seen before. But in the form of pencil, literally. The size is quite short and bulky but firm with a plastic clear cap to protect the content. There's a color line on body to represent the color but since the clear cap makes you easier to notice the lip color, so I guess it has nothing much to do. The shade name also imprinted, so you can know which one will get you once you need a repurchase.

2. Price Range
It is sold for Rp. 74,000 and that's the hot deal. I love how recently there are much local products came to the market which will make you easier that get the beauty on the budget. With this price, I bet you'll grab some more.


3. Color and Pigmentation
The color range is somewhat good for everyday use. There's not much color options for this product. But I can assure you that the color payoff is awesome. With a single glide, you can achieve an opaque result.

4. Texture
The lip pencil texture is smooth. Like a seriously smooth. Yes it IS smooth. LOL. It's seriously creamy and soft. I don't think it will ever do harm to your lips (obviously it is called a lip pencil??) Haha, no I mean when hearing the word "pencil" means that I really think of a hard, firm, sharp form of a black granite. Yeah, I know it's too much but let's leave the thought out there, shall we?

I like how it glides smoothly on skin. For me, this lip pencil gives the duo functions of a lipstick and a lip liner considering the form. It really is a big deal since lips are the most sensitive area after under eye skin. So, having something that really glides on perfectly, will add some serious plus thing for me, for you as well. I forgot to take a pic on how I tested it, but surely this lip pencil is not smudge proof. Like may other creamy formula of lip product, it tends to have an easy way to be rubbed which means it has a short life time after application as a single use. But the other plus thing is this one is easy to be cleaned.

So that's a wrap! I hope you guys enjoy my brief thought of this lip color pencil by Makeover. Have you tried one? Tell me in the comments.



  1. Felicia Putri Indah MarinaAgustus 07, 2014 6:28 PM

    sukaaa lipen ini tapi sayang hasilnya ga matte ya fi?

  2. iya emang ga matte put.. Soalnya creamy.. Ini hasil gw swatch akhirnya beli yg dazzling nude.

  3. You share interesting things here. The lipsticks shape like a pencil and that's the one of what I like!
    Xx Dom


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