Sariayu Lipstick Kelimutu [* REVIEW]

Sariayu Lipstick Kelimutu - Thanks again for visiting me here. First of all, I want to congratulate all my Muslim fellas around the world "Happy Ied Mubarak, forgive me mind and body".

Ok, I'm gonna give you another review of lipstick. This one was given as a goodie bag from Sariayu when I attended their invitation of Ramadhan Runway event and fast breaking moment with Sariayu's President Director: Mr. Bryan Tilaar, at Kota Kasablanka, July 13th 2014. Thanks Sariayu for the goodie bag and such a very nice treat!

Sariayu Lipstick


The lipstick is the one from 2012 color trend "Etnik Nusa Tenggara", named Kelimutu. Yes, Sariayu is the brand which praise the Indonesian culture in the most of their products. I'm lucky knowing this brand which explore the endless Indonesian culture, and for this Kelimutu lipstick, adapted from Nusa Tenggara province's culture. Here's my thought about it..


The package itself covered with the pattern of traditional fabric printed on plastic cover; it's called Batik. It's very beautiful and really became the signature of Indonesia. Unfortunately, this plastic cover acts as the seal. To open it, you have to rip off the whole plastic that covered the cap that will lead to your "naked" lipstick cap. As for me, I got my trick since I don't want to lose the pretty pattern. First, find the gap between the cap and the body.. It will be quite difficult since this gap is hardly to find but if you rub it slowly and lightly you'll find it; tip: rub with your nail tip. Second, if you have found it, then take a cutter, cut the plastic right at the gap you found all around. Third, twist the cap and voila you have your lipstick cap covered without ripping off all the plastic seal. If you still can't open the cap, meaning the plastic seal is not well cut. Try again from step 2 until you can open the cap by twisting it.



I say this one has a slight creamy formula. Means not too dry nor moisturize. Just in between. As long as I tried it, Kelimutu didn't accentuate any dry patch on your lips, though it didn't too moisturize your lips. I must say, it suits your daily wears. If you're afraid of getting the dry lips, well lip balm using will do the job.


In me, the pigmentation is great, considering this brand as one of Indonesian's drugstore brand with only Rp30,000 - Rp40,000 (around US$ 4). It has a sheer to medium coverage and you can build up the opacity as per your liking. I have pigmented lips, but I love how it worked to cover my lips even it has a sheer to medium coverage. Good!

Speaking about the color, I'm not really sure I can define this color in exact. To be frank, at the first impression, I saw it as the purplish pink or lavender or magenta. Something like that. But when I wore it, it turned out to be a cool fuchsia. My mom has ever tried this once and it really suited her well.. better than when I wore it. Knowing that my mom has a more yellowish undertone skin and has a lighter skin color than me, I could say this one was a muted fuchsia pink on her. While on me, it turned out to be a cool fuchsia with a slight violet under tone.


*Final Verdict:

I like the brand from Sariayu, especially their lipsticks. In such a pretty cheap price, you can get a great color range, the pigmentation, the moist, the joy of smelling bubble gum scents which this one has and how the market put the trusts on Sariayu's products that they can be reached even at the small cosmetic shop in the suburban areas.

The color of Kelimutu that I have is good, though I don't really like the color. It has a cool fuchsia as the first impression I had was the violet/magenta/purplish-pink one. Since I had a tan skin, I think it's not gonna be a great color on me. But for sure like any of the cool/bluish toned lipsticks, it really is making your teeth appear brighter than the ones of warm tone/yellowish tone.

The staying power that I noticed from my mom use was great. I thought that this lipstick is such a great thing to be dealt with. It could reach 6-7 hours without drinking or eating, even so it survived during the meals and just needed a little touch up afterwards.

Well, guys... Have you ever tried this one? Why don't you tell me in the comments?? Until then, see you around!


  1. Ini toh hasilnya di elu yak, ga jauh beda kok sama di bibir gw. Beti bangt. Great review anyway ^_^

  2. Iyak.. Emg beda tipis sih. Cuma yg ga gw demen krn ini warnanya mirip sama lipstik Oriflame gw. Makanya gw ksh emak aja lah. Hehehe. Uda gt ga tll demen ma yg warna ginian. Makasi sayang. :*

  3. Hi there. I don't know why you don't like fuchsia but I think it looks good on you. :) Good post!

  4. Hi Beverly... I think it's just my preference though. I feel like I don't have much confident in wearing such color. But anyway, thank you for stopping by. :)

  5. Hello there! This article couldn't be written much better! Thanks for sharing!


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