Skin Food Vita Color Lip Lacquer - Energy Coral [* REVIEW]

Skin Food Vita Color Lip Lacquer - Since orange is huge this days, being back and forward in the runway stage, so thanks to Cosmekita who gave me such an in-style color.

From the beginning of seeing this, I didn't have any idea of what it was. But then I know that it somewhat is a lip lacquer product.

Skin Food Vita Color Lip Lacquer
Energy Coral


Reading through Google told me that it is a new line during this Spring 2014. Well, Korea does somewhat a research of what happen to the fashion line in Western.. But it's OK.

The color I got is called "Energy Coral" which seems so scary for me. It is a true orange with none of the pinkish undertone like what usually coral color lipsticks have, but it's more of yellow instead. It's so funny that this product made me think of how I use it.

The Packaging:
Comes with the standard pen-like tube with stickers on it tells the brand, the color, and the graphic design is somewhat cute, full of multi size characters. The body made by plastics and with transparent cap-off. For me it's small enough to have a big change of losing the cap. Blame me! LOL! Another plus thing that I never really see in any lip product is this lip lacquer coming with the brushes. The brushes that I usually see on concealer product (MAC prep and prime and Estee Lauder Ideal Light Brush On Illuminator).


The first time I unboxed this, I tried to figure out of how the way I use this. I searched through the body, twisted what I could twist, and FINALLY FOUND THAT YOU NEED TO PUSH THE BOTTOM PART AS THE WAY YOU DO TO RETRACTABLE PEN. GOSH! HAHAHAHAHA! Another stone-age moment on me! I've never seen anything like this before. Usually, the lip pen like this use the way to twist the bottom part. OK, enough for the stupidity. LOL!

The Consistency and Formula:
I couldn't find the Skin Food official Website so if you have any idea about it, please tell me in the comment below. Because of that I couldn't provide you the ingredient. But the thing that I knew after applying this was the formula glides on easily. I still don't know the idea of this lip lacquer but seems that it is a lipstick and lip tint in a one.

I'm not really keen to any Korean products, since I know most of them are less pigmented. But I do have one lip tint in my cosmetic pouch and it is from Etude House. In my opinion, this lip lacquer seems a bit thinner than Etude House that I own. Beside the color pay off is super! I did press the bottom part of it with a bit more press so the product came out a bit more for a pair of lips. The first impressions that I got were it accentuated fine lines, it dried out my lips and the color is too bright, although it's bit of giving a velvety finish, it made the wearer feel that the product somewhat turned into matte lip product. I don't like it on me.


The Color Pay Off:
Since I mistaken by clicking too much the bottom part so the content came out a bit more, it gives an opaque result that it could cover my pigmented lips. I'm surprised by the photo result that seems to give the good finish on my lips but trust me, it was not like that in the reality. As I told you above, it accentuated fine lines, it dried out my lips and the color is too bright. Here are the swatches:

The Scent:
It does have a scent of..... I don't know... A gingery thing...? Well basically, it smells like something that usually I find in the kitchen, maybe it's ginger. But positively yes it's the scent of ginger... If I'm not mistaken... If so, then it smells not good for me.

Final Verdict:
Just not for me. Period. I could say nothing at all. It just doesn't suit me from the way of how I use it, the color, the scent, the consistency, everything.

Even it was written as a long lasting product but the result for me that  it still gives a transfer. Even I didn't try of how long this product lingered on my lips, I didn't think it lasted long but it was leaving a stain afterwards.



But if you think that if you want to give it a try, go on. I'm here not saying the product is not worth the money, it just doesn't suit me at all. Yes I love orange, but this color? NAY!

Well, thanks for your reading, I hope you enjoy it..


  1. Nice post, revenian! This lip product could be good as a summer thing I suppose.

  2. Hello Hayley.. Yes indeed. Thanks..

  3. Wow, this lippies too bright and too yellow.. !

  4. Yes it is. And I don't really like it.. :(


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