Welcoming 2016 with Resolution

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Can't believe that 2015 has just passed so fast and here we are in 2016!!! I hope everyone is doing well and your wishes has come true.

In this 2016, so many hopes that came up in my mind. The most thing that I absolutely wish as a person is that I can be better in doing make up so I can earn from it. Because as much as I love make up on myself, I also love to put make up on everyone's. Simply because I want to emphasize everyone's beauty.

As a blogger, I also hang my dream to be a better writer. As we know that blogging is the same with a journalist that reports everything in writings. And by that, I also need to upgrade my fighting tools to give a better view and clearer information. As I mentioned in my Disclaimer page, I don't want to give my reader anything in shadows or things that I consider as not honest information. So, please bear in my mind that everything that I posted in here is purely coming from my heart, what I feel and what I see. Whether it is a sponsored post or anything that I simply stumbled upon to buy.

Speaking of being a better blogger, I have set my ultimate resolution for 2016. I feel like I need to upgrade my tools like camera and laptop to provide a better image for my personal brand. FYI, during 2015 and up to now, I'm using Canon Power Shot A6000 which is simply a pocket digital camera to take my pics everywhere in my blog. Not to mention my cellular phone Asus and HiSense from Smartfren. Ever since 2015, I have been eyeing for the new camera. I feel like I want to buy another DSLR (previous one was sold for some reasons), but I think it doesn't really suitable for my mobility. But anything's called Mirrorless Camera seems too blur in my vision, so I can't decide one yet. But I do love Fujifilm XE2 and Canon 750D, so lets just see in the future.

Decision.. Decision.. Really need one. Beside thinking of buying new camera, I also need to upgrade my laptop. My current laptop to be used to do some editing processes is Samsung NC108. It was bought at the new year of 2013 and I have been using it for good for exactly 3 years. Wow!! LOL.. The reason why I need it simply because it shows its performance's degradation. It slower than the first time I bought and I really doesn't answer my demand anymore. Too slow and most of the time, wreck my work. It can't be depended on multitasking works.

At a glance, maybe it's a way little too much on wishing of having Apple Macbook. But I do need something that I can depend on for a long long long time and the performance has really the high one. For me, choosing a gadget like a laptop is really like choosing some partner in your life. Because you don't wanna end up the relationship too quickly. It's a more of a long term relationship of working. And I believe that price never lies in terms of buying electronic stuff.

Well, for some of you, maybe these two wishes are too much for "just" a blogger like me. Well, I don't care because this is the way I make my living and I need something good or better if not the best in order to fulfill the requirements of being a good blogger. When you go to work, you wanna be seen as tidy and good looking person to represent your professionalism, right? And these two gadgets are my way to be seen as a professional one, as the way that I'm serious to do this work and I appreciate my work as a blogger and I want everybody to see it. For my self, changing gadget is not my thing so I need something like a "BOOM!!" for a steady "relationship".

Almost forgotten, I do have a dream of becoming a Youtube content filler about beauty so it's just a perfect combo to have a decent camera and a pro computer like Macbook..

Ok, everyone. I wish all of you have some good resolution to be a better person this year. Let's just fight together to fulfill them.