Halloween Collaboration: White Swan and Black Swan

Yap, I know,,, I know Halloween has passed by for several days but I just wrote it in present time. So, me and my friend, Hani, from www.simplybeautyme.blogspot.com had some ideas to make the day. Then we came up with this thing to kill. Hehehe. Let's get started to read!

Having some kindda Yin Yang collaboration ideas, me and some friends were up to get some fun to kill the day. The ideas were one is having the good side and another were having the bad side, either have to be creepy or gore. I chose something that is about to be so called a little bit evil. Long story short, the time is ended up with me and Hani to pull off the look.

So this is the second Halloween collaboration among my friends. I'm glad that I still have such a chance to pull off many make up looks.

[caption id="attachment_3516" align="aligncenter" width="600"]White Swan Black Swan White Swan Black Swan[/caption]

The photo above is the finished result. Me and Hani finally can be joined in one photo. Hahaha, considering that the property for having the look was a little bit difficult to get. Me myself was about to frustrated considering the crown. It was so difficult to get the crown! Oh my gosh, I have searched here and there, in and out many fancy shops but nothing I got. But accidentally, I bumped to this toys man and waaallaaaaa he sold it for only about Rp5,000!! Phew... Hahaha.. Actually this crown is somewhat for kids but who cares... The most important thing is I GOT THE PROPS TO PULL OFF THE LOOK of Black Swan.

Hani was also the same. She helped me much to be my mate this time. Actually at the first time, she wasn't the one who was be paired with me in making this collaboration and she already had her own mate and she was becoming an angel. But, since there was a condition which made her helped me to become my mate, then she turned the angel into a swan. Pretty much close look, I guess. Hehehe. Alright, it didn't matter any way... The important thing is I can write this post and up the pic into my social media. I am the happy girl.

Here are some of the behind the scene photos..

[caption id="attachment_3518" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Black Swan Collaged Black Swan Collaged[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3519" align="aligncenter" width="600"]White Swan Collaged White Swan Collaged[/caption]


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