[REVIEW] * Bourjois Twist Up The Volume Waterproof Mascara

So, yes.. Today's post is gonna to review about another mascara coming from drugstore. It's a brand from Paris and called BOURJOIS.

When I attended their event of Bourjois Rouge Velvet new product launch, this mascara was handed in the goodies.

Ok, lets roll.. Shall we?

~ Product ~


Bourjois Twist Up The Volume wateproof mascara.

So basically, it's just a mascara. The waterproof one.

~ Packaging ~

It comes in a black and turquoise-blue plastic bottle with a little bulk shape at the top. I say, this one has the uniqueness. Speaking of which, when you hold the bottle, you will experience the ordinary mascara that you will find anywhere. But wait until you open the cap.

The cap, has something like a handle with turquoise-blue color which you can swivel. Yes, the swivel motion that you do with this handle will change the form of the brush. When you swivel to the left, you'll find the brush becoming a short, bulky, and full one. This type of brush will give you a volume to the lashes. Then, when you swivel it to the right, the brush will go longer and let the bristle becoming a little sparse that will give the length.


So, you will get the volume and the length in just one bottle. Pretty simple, right?

~ Formulation ~

For the formula, it comes with waterproof one. Of course the color is black! It will stay on your lashes no matter what. According to my experience, none of the flakes fall onto my lower part of the eyes which is good.

I have tested it under the waterflow, like doing wudhu before praying, and it stays pretty well.

But the end of the day, after wearing it about 6-8 hours, I experienced a little smudge along my lower lash line. But, who cares? I'd been already ready to go home and do the massive clean.

~ Price and Availability ~

The price is around Rp100,000 I suppose and it's available at the certain drugstores like Guardian or Watsons and I see offline stores too at the department stores in many big malls in Jakarta. But I'm not so sure for other cities.



Well, this is the first time for me of wearing mascara from this brand. According to my opinion and experience, this mascara is good enough to be wore daily. Unless the fact that the price is a bit high for a drugstore product.

Comparing to another mascara from drugstore line which I usually use, this one doesn't suit into my liking. I found it a bit faster to be dry and the texture is too thick since the first use right after opening the bottle. Make it easier to get clump and hard to work with.

I'm not saying the product is a fail on me but there was only slight of curling but non of lengthening effect during usage. The only thing that I noticed was it gave my lashes the right amount of volume.

Still, the mascara is a good deal for a daily mascara wearer like me.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you'll find this review somewhat help you in deciding your purchase.



  1. ulasannya menarik, hasil pengaplikasiannya juga bagus ya, bisalah dicoba nih ^^

  2. Terima kasih, mba. Selamat mencoba yaaa... :)


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