Make Up Inspiration: Strobing at Raya? Great!

Hello Invaders,,

This day is the last day of Ramadhan month. Tomorrow we'll enter Syawal month and it means we celebrate the Eid Mubarak day. It's really sad that I have to leave Ramadhan Kareem without having a single day of fasting because I'm pregnant and in a need of gaining my baby's weight to be born soon.

So, in the middle of the make up trends nowadays, maybe some of you have already known about this make up techniques called Contouring. If you really still don't know how contouring is, I suggest you to check it out at Google and type "face make up contour". This technique has been around forever and the one who is popular with always having this technique is Kim Kardashian.

Well, another face enhancing technique aside from contouring is called strobing. Yes, this strobing is always waayy around the corner this days lately. Some say, it is a new face enhancing in make up. But for me it is just something like a contouring do but without a contour. Do you understand what I mean? Hehe~~

In doing a contouring, all you need is a dark shader (cream foundation or dark chocolate powder) to hide the face feature of yours to create a more even and ideal face form. Another, you also need a highlighter (like a lighter-than-your-skintone foundation or champagne color eyeshadow) to accentuate the highest part of your face feature.

In strobing technique, you don't need to contour your face. All you need to do is just highlighting your face feature. Well, in this post, I'm gonna share you my version of strobing effect that I applied on my face so you all will know what it exactly is.

For me, strobing technique is suitable for ideas of creating a soft make up for Eid Ul Fitr day. As it doesn't look heavy yet gives a nice vibe of glow and fresh look to your complexion. Match to the "Fitr" theme which means "Holy". :) Alright, no longer writing and here's what I did on my face to strobing technique.

wpid-p_20150703_123232_bf.jpgThis photo was taken in a room with minor lighting so I looked a little wash out. Hehehe. But, you can see the glows out of my face, because in strobing technique you want to apply a highlighter on the bridge of your nose, on your cheek bones, on your brow bone, the T area and on your chin.


This is the true result of having a strobing technique on your face. I took the pic in front of my house with a 12pm sun lighting. If you want to apply strobing technique on your face, I suggest you not to have too much color. Stick with one and make it subtle. I chose no eyeshadows and no fake lashes, instead I applied a bright pink lipstick to balance the glowing out. Another tips that you need to pay attention to is that you won't put too much highlighter since it will really really accentuate you big pores (if you have any), otherwise you will look like a glitter ball. Hehehe.

Ok, last photo and we're done!


For Ied Ul Fitr make up, I tend not to apply heavy things on me. With just some liners on eye lids, brows on fleek, bright lip color, and now add some strobing effects to lead to some glows are enough. I like to keep it low profile because eyeshadows make it glam and fake lashes make it way too far. But if you want to do it, just do so. It's just for my preference. So, don't worry! :) There's no rule in make up, though.

PS: for me, there's nothing can beat the face form technique other than Contouring. You can see from my photos above that by only highlighting the feature of my face doesn't cover the imperfections of it. I can still see the big point on my lower part of my nose and the bump on my upper part of it. These two parts are the areas which I usually cover with contour.

Luckily, I still have a better face feature like high cheek bones and oval face shape. So I guess, strobing will only work with the ones who have already a good feature of the face. For you who have round or square face form, I don't think it will suit you best. But, even I say so, if you still want to try this technique out, go to try it out! You'll never know till you try!

The last but not least, Taqaballahu Minna Wa Minkum, Forgive me body and mind.