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Hello Muffin Dolls,

Ok, who doesn't know Make Over brand? I bet, almost all of you, beauty addict in Indonesia, know about this brand. I'm super in love with this local brand because the quality is super good comparing to some other local brands in professional line.

With the trends here and there, liquid lip color seems to be the IT thing right now, whether it's matte or glossy. But, right now, I want to share you my thought about MAKE OVER LIQUID LIP COLOR in RED TEMPTATION. Lucky for all Indonesian girls because we don't need to keep drooling because we know that some good stuff about liquid lip colors come from abroad. Yippie!


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From zero to breathtaking in seconds by applying this soft, moisturizing and long lasting liquid lip color. It's unique brush applicator ensures easy application every time sexy and succulent lips is needed. Available in 13 colors : #Bronze Addict #Glam Diva #Briliant Caramel #Grape Rose #Flare Pink #Fructis Peach #Luscious Pink #Pink Punch #Kissable Peach #Hazelnut #Drop-dead Pink # Red Temptation #Machiato


Well, the claim of "from zero to breathtaking in seconds" I think is somewhat over the top. Hehehe.


[caption id="attachment_2831" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Make Over Liquid Lip Color Doe Foot Applicator Make Over Liquid Lip Color Doe Foot Applicator[/caption]

Comes with a sleek square transparent plastic tube for 5ml. It's quite huge since I only need little swipes. The cap is a glossy sleek black with the brand name imprinted on it with the combination of white and grey. The applicator is attached on the cap and it's a standard doe foot that usually comes in general liquid lip product. And at the back of the tube, you can find an information sticker which consists of the production fabric, some codes which I'm not sure whether it relates to expiration date or not, content volume and the color name.

[caption id="attachment_2829" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Make Over Liquid Lip Color Bottom Part Make Over Liquid Lip Color Bottom Part[/caption]


All I can find on its official website is only these things:

- Squalane

- Vit E

- UV Protection


Obviously, since it is a liquid lip color, I must say the consistency is a creamy liquid. The finish is glossy and the pigmentation is good enough. It doesn't have a disturbing scent since I prefer to choose any lip product without scent. I can barely handle any scent that comes in any lip products right now. Hehehe. As long as I use it, I find that somehow this lip color have a medium coverage to my lips, considering that my lips have pigmentation ring on it.

[caption id="attachment_2828" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Mak Over Lip Color Red Tempation hand swatch Mak Over Lip Color Red Tempation hand swatch[/caption]

The color that I got was Red Temptation. You can see with your bare eyes that it is an orangey red color. It's really good as a summer color as long as you can pull it off in a right time in a right place. LOL. Sorry for the result that my camera didn't do the justice and showed it more orange than red. But I guarantee you that the color is more red in personal.


[caption id="attachment_2827" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Make Over Liquid Lip Color in Red Temptation on my lips Make Over Liquid Lip Color in Red Temptation on my lips[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2826" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Me and Make Over Liquid Lip Color Me and Make Over Liquid Lip Color[/caption]


Yuhuuu, when it comes to price, I really strict about it. I mean, if you can get the good product with cheap price, why you need to spend more money on other pricey ones? Yeah, I know, some say about pride but I do talk about the function. I mean, with only less than Rp100,000 (around less than US$9), I must say this one is the great product in its price range. It's not that I say no for high end products but trust me, you can get the whole colors collection of it in the price of one or two designer or high end lipsticks. For Indonesians, you can get it easily in some major malls in big cities.

~ PRO (s) ~

Good Pigmentation
Reasonable Price
Good Quality
Good Amount of Content
Available in Many Major Malls in Big Cities of Indonesia
Good Staying Power (average: 4-5 hours of single use w/out eat or drink)

~ CON (s) ~

Feathering and Bleeding
Too Sticky Consistency for me


Well, I know I'm super in love with Make Over brands, especially with their liner pencil. But when it comes to this liquid lip color, I think I have to grade down my love a little bit after finding out this lip color is somewhat feathering and bleeding in its single use. Another fact that I found during this product application was it will accentuate your chapped lips. I know I have a major problem of dry lips but I don't think this glossy liquidy one can do that as matte lipsticks do. So, better have exfoliated lips prior using this. You know that you can't pull any red lips with bleeding and feathering around your lips, can you? Red lips must be applied perfectly, it has to stay on your lips forever like a tough, crazy bitch! LOL. I think I have to suggest you all a lip liner use underneath this one so you can apply it as minimum as you can to avoid bleeding or feathering.  I have one that I purchased my self in color Pink Punch which I use in daily basis, and I don't really care about this feathering, bleeding and stuff. When it comes to red lips, I must have a perfection! Lets drop it down to another color.

OK, that's what I thought about using this Make Over Liquid Lip Color in Red Temptation. This product was given to me by Make Over during the event of Beauty Blogger Meet Up : The 1st (read my disclaimer here). Don't forget to check out Make Over's social media below. I hope you can enjoy reading this. Comments are widely open as long as they are left polite. Thanks.


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