Milani: Shadow Eyez - Aquatic Blue No.5 [* REVIEW]

Milani Shadow Eyes - Back again here with another review and swatch. Right now, I wanna take your attention to the one and only here: MILANI Shadow Eyez 12H Wear Eyeshadow - 05 Aquatic Style. 

This product is provided/sponsored by Cosmekita. But since I got the number 05 - Aquatic Style, so lets just talk about it. 

Shadow Eyez

Product Claim: Big and blendable 2-in-1 color rich pencil that can be used as shadow or liner. Creamy smooth, long-lasting, water-resistant, crease-proof and paraben-free formula. The next generation of shadows that you sharpen. The 

Packaging: This eyeshadow pencil comes with chubby pencil form and resembles the real pencil but bigger one. The body is from plastic with the representation of color for each and the shade numbering imprinted. It's provided with transparent cap-off so you can easily see the content. 


The Consistency and Formula: The consistency is creamy and easily glides on your lid. You don't need extra swipe to achieve the opaque result. Since the colors provided are mostly the pearly one, so I guess this product is best for a night event or any time you need a festivity. The color pay off is really good for a product with a US$6.99 and that's such a great deal to go. 

The Color Range: So this Milani Shadow Eyez 12H Wear Eyeshadow comes with a dozen of colors you can choose at the store. They are:

01 - Winter White
02 - Brown Deluxe
03 - Champagne Toast
04 - Green Safari
05 - Aquatic Style
06 - Royal Purple
07 - Black Ink
08 - Espresso Line
09 - Cafe Au Lait
10 - Almond Cream
11 - Sand Dunes
12 - Golden Bronze

The Color Pay Off: Talking about the color is as same as talking about the result and staying power. I found that this eyeshadow stick is somewhat the best amongst the drugstore brand. The result of this color really amazes me, SO PIGMENTED!!! I used it to make a look an Egyptian Eye. Another jaw drop moment was when I realized this eyeshadow didn't crease and smudge....ever on my oily lid though I had my so-so primer on. I noticed that in this summer time, when the sun's heat is amazingly in full power, many eyeshadow on me creased in just a minute time. But this was not, it just stayed there like a well-slept baby. I wonder what if I use a better eye primer/base? But in my opinion, since this eyeshadow has the most staying power, that doesn't need any eye primer prior to use. Hehe.

Final Verdict: I am in love.. love.. love.. LOVE.. SUPER LOVE with this one. I always wanted to have one eye product that at least somewhat multifunctional. I see that this MILANI Shadow Eyez 12H Wear Eyeshadow can be used as eyeshadow and eyeliner. If you are a safe player or want to make it more wearable during the day, you can use this as an eyeliner product. Since the result gives the pearly finish, then it seems not suitable for a daily wear. But, who can refuse a US$6.99 for a such pigmented product? I can't! The other thing that must to be concerned about is this brand is not available in Indonesia yet. So if you want to get this product or another range from MILANI, find your trusted online shop and get it through pre-order system. Thank you for reading this blog!


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