Serum for Dummies: Target and Treat [INFO]

Serum For Dummies - This week we had so many holidays coming!! YAY!! And today, I wanna share you about something around your skincare routine. Yap, it's called as SERUM. This post will give a glance of information about what SERUM is, because I still find many people asking about it, how to find the right one and how to apply it. So if you're one of them, then this is for you! Please keep reading..
So, nowadays most women have significantly care more about their skin. They take many regimes about the daily routines. One of the product is a SERUM for sure. We all know that many serum has been sold in stores with a more tiny bottle but with a more expensive price. Maybe many of you will ask "why". Yes, don't be too curious because in fact the serum contains the essence of the certain skincare in your goal. For example, for an anti black spots booster you'll need a whitening serum to help you reduce the appearance of the black spots. Then another question would be "So what's the difference amongst all the day and night creams in stores with the similar tagging?" As I said before, the serum has the essence, the extract out of extract of the skin care of your goal. It's basically a different one with the day and night creams since the texture of the serum is the lightest, the tiniest so it can be absorbed by your skin faster, more efficient and effective to help boosting the effect of your day and night creams and it has the strongest formula as well. If you feel that your day and night creams seem don't give too much effect after another repurchase, well maybe you need to consider in having a serum in your daily routine regime.


To Be Your Attention
In purchasing the serum products, there're few things you need to know and consider before deciding.

A. It must be your GOALS.
This is important to know your goals. Just because the formulation of the serum is stronger than any of the similar tagging skin care, it doesn't mean that you can put any serum on your skin. The use of serum must be accomplish your problem. Use it as a SOLUTION. If you think that you need something to repair the wrinkles then have an anti wrinkles serum. But if you think that you are not sure of what will be used, you can discuss it with your dermatologist before deciding.

Here're some clue about serum usage as a target and treat:
- Biocell serum behaves as a DNA replacement. To regenerate and nourish the skin so it will be subtle and more clear.
- Hyaluronic Acid serum behaves as a derma filler and act as a "lubricant" of your skin so your skin is more hydrated, healthy, and moist.
- Whitening serum will even out your skin tone. It acts on any discoloration made by sun exposure and acne scars. Whitening serum will slow down the production of melanin. 

B. Acne Prone skin doesn't need serum
Well said, acne prone skin really doesn't need to be applied serum IF THE SERUM DOESN'T ACCOMPLISH THE ACNE PROBLEM. First thing first on your acne prone skin is how to heal your acne problem with anti acne serum. Just focus on that problem first! Then if the acnes seem to be more friendly, majorly healed, you can go for the next step using a whitening serum for reducing the appearance of discoloration made by acne scars.

C. Serum, everyone?
Serum is not for every single person. Serum is made as a SOLUTION. If you think that your skin doesn't have any problem you want to accomplish, just stick with your regular daily routine skipping this serum's step.

D. What about Vit.C serum? Is it safe?
Yes! The fact that Vit.C is better used than consumed is just right in the corner, considering the actual character of Vit.C that is easily oxidized. But, by using it doesn't reduce the effect because the bond composition has been set and I'm sure that many cosmetics manufacturer has give it a thought by using the dark color, non-transparent, and tight sealed bottle to prevent the chance of sun exposure and oxygen reveal.

E. More than 1 serum, safe?
The using of more than 1 serum in 1 daily routine regime would not harm your skin. Because there will be NO PRODUCTS THAT WORK FOR ALL SKIN PROBLEMS (remember that!!!). But always, always, always do the skin sensitivity before deciding in using one serum.

Ok, that's a wrap. I hope that it will help you to know more about your skin's need.

Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels


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