Early 2016 (HUGE) Drugstore/Local Beauty Haul!

Haiii.... O my goodness!!!! I am soooooo sooooo sooooo excited right now because it is a HAUL post! Yaaayyy!!!

Speaking of which, literally this is not really a February 2016 haul. It's more of the year end purchases that I made during 2015 Black Friday sale and before 2015 Christmas. And coincidentally, all the products came by this month altogether... It's a WOW!!!

[REVIEW] Oriflame's Pure Color Pressed Powder - Light

Hello Girls... Back again here...

Now I want to share about my just-bought product from Oriflame brand. This product is called as Oriflame Pure Color Pressed Powder in shade Light (code: 23208). In this post, I'll review and swatch the product on my inner hand and not on my face. So please keep reading!

Over The Knee Boots - How To Wear Ideas

Hi Invaders!!!
Back to here after my last forever post!!

Hahaha... Jadi kali ini aku mau ngebahas soal BOOTS! Yep siapa sih sekarang yang gak kenal sepatu boots? Hari gini sepatu boots tuh uda termasuk unsur fashion yang diperhitungkan dalam penampilan sehari-hari di Indonesia, khususnya Jakarta. Aku sendiri mulai tertarik dengan boots sejak sekitar 2009-2010.