[EVENT] Avène Eau Thermale – Sun Care Series Launching

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Hello Invaders, Back again here to event report of Avène Eau Thermal – The Experience on May 30th 2015 at Senayan City by 7 to 9 pm WIB. So, I got an invitation from IBB community to attend this event. … Continued

[EVENT] Walls Cornetto ChocoBerry – SWIFTIFY THE NATION

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Hello Invaders!! Are you Swifties??? Well, this post is definitely dedicated to all SWIFTIES all around the world! I mean, WHO DON’T LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT??? I love her at the first song! Yeah, “Baby, can’t you see? You belong with … Continued

[EVENT] * Mommies Daily – Healthy Mommy Healthy Baby

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Hello Mommies! Ini adalah postingan pertama aku tentang event parenting yang diadakan oleh Mommies Daily. Yap, event ini nyatanya sangat menarik terutama bagi orang tua baru (macem aku). Tapi secara keseluruhan, sebetulnya acara ini sangat penting bagi orang tua yang … Continued

[EVENT] Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Launching: My Secret Playground

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Hello Beauty Invaders, Pada tanggal 24 Maret 2015 lalu, Maybelline mengadakan acara launching produk bedak “Clear Smooth All In One” terbaru sekaligus memperkenalkan Brand Ambassador-nya yang baru! Yippie, jadi penasaran, siapa sih yang kali ini digandeng oleh Maybelline menjadi brand … Continued

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