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Hi, Invaders! Hope you are doing well!

So this post is gonna talk about ULTIMA II Delicate Series. I am so excited of this because ULTIMA II has sent me 8 products to be reviewed by me. OMG!

As far as my journey to the make up aisle, ULTIMA II is the one of my go to when I need fancy result. I have been falling in love with their Wonder Wear series, now that they have this Delicate Series which gave me another excitement.

ULTIMA II Delicate Series

The products that ULTIMA II has sent to me were 4 lipsticks and 4 blushers. As my reader, I think you already know that I am head over heels about lipsticks. So, yess, yess, these are my new babies in my make up stash!


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When speaking about this lipstick, I feel that the packaging is quite sturdy and very luxurious. Coated with silvers chromatic hues which gives the nice feeling of great products. When I wear the lipstick, right after I put it on my lips, it delivers a luxuriously rich and and vibrant color while pampering and hydrating lips. I myself have always a problem with my dry lips, and by that, creamy lipsticks have become my BFF throughout the time, like this Delicate Lipsticks. It contains a silk enriched mega moisturizer, vitamin C and E and high shine polymers. Upon wearing, I can feel how my lips appear moisturized, look perfectly defined with the richest color and silky smooth feel that will result in more luxurious and even application than ever.

In choosing the good lipsticks, I always consider about the pigmentation; because for me, the good lipstick is the one which can give a full and opaque pigmentation cover my dark lips. I must say, I was quite impressed by the result from this Delicate Series lipstick, it gives the instant color lay down, buildable from medium to full. Beside the 4 colors that ULTIMA II has sent me, there are another 11 color, which is 15 colors in total with bright and stylist shades to choose from.

And, on to the swatch, here are what you are waiting for..


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Apricot is the best nude color lipsticks for literally all skin tone. This is the best shade to get you a fresher look, either for office wear or get your self ready for campus. In my opinion, Apricot appears as a peachy nude that leans to terracotta color. Very subtle and beautiful.


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At first, when seeing this, I expected it to be something that is more red. But it turned out to be something close to hot coral. Though, it is still beautiful to wear. Perfect for spring and summer time. The pigmentation is also great. I glides on smoothly on my lips without tugging or emphasizing my dry patches.


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This color is the most unique of all. I love how fuchsia color will brighten up my face every time I pull it off. But this one, I have never seen and never had something like this. Despite the fact that this is a bright color, it has a beautiful duo-chrome effect. I don’t know if my camera captured the in-real-life result but I hope you can see the sparkle, cool tone/bluish or purplish kinda frost effect. Love it!!!


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I don’t know how ULTIMA II could bring such a dark and vampy color into something more wearable and not-in-your-face color. When seeing the name, the thing which appeared in my mind was this gonna be the least of my favorite. But then, it turned me upside down. The plummy color became something more a deep magenta in me. So beautiful without having to worry of wearing it everyday.


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The next product is the blushers. Delicate blush gives you the advantages of ultra soft and silky powder blush. It adds a natural flush of color to your cheeks.

Delicate blush contains the range of Shine blush (which is shimmery) and Matte blush. They come in a very good range of color choices. The Shine one has 7 colors to choose from, while the Matte one has only 5 colors. But the thing is, this blush provides a natural flush of color with a soft satin finish, enhances cheekbones instantly, and gives the lightweight silky feel.

Though the color of the blush’s range seemed very bright and has clean color impact with rich pigments and strong color payoff, actually it has a buildable color with minimal dusting that is easy to blend that will make you to look freshly applied the whole day.

And on to the swatches, check’em out!

Matte Blush – NUDE

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When at first seeing this blush color, I thought that I could make it as my sculpting kit. But, since I have tan skin, this color turned out to be well-blended with my skin tone. So, you can barely see that I have my blush on. Though it is claimed as a matte blush, but in the real life, it delivers the radiant, glow from within and subtle color result. Maybe that is why it was named as NUDE. :p

Matte Blush – HOT PINK

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Sniff.. Sniff, who smells summer here? Yep, this color is soooo prettyyyy for summer going! The color is really, really beautiful. I bet this one is for every body with any skin tone. The result? Look at my natural flush cheeks above…! The color is also very easy to blend, leaving the ultra soft feeling.

Shine Blush – SAHARA ROSE

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Like its name, the color gives you the rose hue. But I think it is the muted kind of rose color. If you have a very fair to light skin tone, I bet this is for you. The shimmer is really subtle that you can barely see. But the result is superb! I love how it gives my cheeks an instant fresh look! I think of smokey eye when seeing this..

Shine Blush – BAKED CORAL

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Baked Coral? Never across in my mind what kind of color Baked Coral is! But when I wear it by the day, it is definitely a perfect one as a bronzer. If you like a sunkissed-look, you must buy this one. The color represents the bronzer. And after all, this one was the most pigmented blush in the range. A little goes a long way.

If you are interested in getting them, you can get ULTIMA II counter at Matahari Department Store, AEON BSD, METRO Department Store, Centro, Keris Gallery Puri Indah, Citrus, Pasaraya Grande, Cahaya Bintaro, Sogo Kota Kasablanka, Sarinah Thamrin, Debenhams Senayan City, Star Mall Kelapa Gading & Star Summarecon Bekasi; also online at BliBli.com

Don’t forget to share me your experience in using ULTIMA II Delicate Series in the comment below.

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  1. winda

    favorit gue yang bake coral fi, tapi makenya tricky banget soalnya terlalu pigmented, salah make bisa kayak korban KDRT hahahaa

  2. Madeeha

    Wow… Such a pretty collection. I love the clean packaging and lipstick shades are also very pretty.

  3. Rahma

    Warna lipsticknya ga terlalu suka.. Tapi blush on nya bagu-bagus…

  4. Elisamonic

    Apricot combine sahara rose pasti bagus look keseluruhannya. Btw kayaknya kita pake tema yang sama nih, hehe. salam kenal yaa 🙂

  5. Sana

    I’ve never heard of this brand before but the products are looking promising <3 I'm loving the shades you choose. So fresh yet feminine. x

  6. Siwi

    Racun banget, cantik!. But i’m a bit curious, is it animal free product? Ada yg tahu?

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