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Hello belles… How’s your day? I hope you’re all fine, safe and sound! By today’s post, I’ll give you my review about Make Over lipstick. To be exact: Make Over Creamy Lust Lipstick in RAISIN PLUM. Actually, this lipstick is given from Make Over’s Le Secret Fantaisie launching event some months ago to my friends Yanti and she got it double then she gave me one of them (well actually, I was asking for it, hahaha). Thanks Yanti.. Love you, girl!

Make Over Raisin Plum bullet
Make Over Raisin Plum bullet

You know that I love Make Over brands. It’s Indonesian local brand, but the quality of it is similar to high end products like which comes from MAC, Make Up Forever and others in one line. Knowing that this brand is considered as a drugstore brand, is what excites me the most. My wallet? You’re saved!

Let’s begin my review, shall we?

Make Over Raisin Plum Lipstick
Make Over Raisin Plum Lipstick

*Packaging: I like how Make Over made the packaging. It comes with an elegant slim black glossy sturdy iron. I don’t know. Seems like it was made of some kind of iron. But somehow, the design is quiet simple with the brand name imprinted on the cap. The lipstick bullet is also made with a normal classic lipstick shape and the way we want to use the product is by twisting the case. If you have more than one lipstick from this brand, it’s quite difficult to differentiate from one to another; you need to turn it upside down so the bottom label faces the top. At the bottom of the case, there’s a label which contains the name of the product so you can decide whether you want to make a repurchase or not from here. With a 4g of content, automatically will be easily slipped in your purse or make up pouch.

Make Over Raisin Plum Label
Make Over Raisin Plum Label

*Formula: You’ll be well-informed as the label from the bottom part is quiet informative for you. As this is the Creamy Lust range, so this must be comes with a creamy formula. And yes it is obviously a creamy one. It glides smoothly on the lips. It feels so soft and very nice on the lips. Since I have a pretty dry lips, and always have a problem wearing matte lipstick, so I prefer having a lipstick with a creamy formula. So far, it feels like I have my NYX Round Lipstick on.

Make Over Raisin Plum hand swatch
Make Over Raisin Plum hand swatch

Color: This shade is definitely popping the pink color. I love it. I mean it has a bluish cranberry pink. To be frank, it really brightens up my yellow undertone skin. Also, it’s very suitable and wearable in daylight. Such a pretty nice one!

Make Over Raisin Plum on my lips
Make Over Raisin Plum on my lips

*Pigmentation: Don’t ask more! You know you can count on Make Over’s pigmentation result. This is why I love drugstore brand like this. This lipstick provides you a very nice opaque result as a finish. You don’t need another swipes to make it more vibrant. But, if you want to make it sheer, the only thing you have to do is a dab-dab motion, then blend it by putting your upper and lower lips together. Hence, who need a sheer one when you have a pigmented lips like mine? Blah. Don’t buy lipstick then, buy a gloss! Teehee~~

*Scent: Oh yeah, this one is the thing you may consider as you choose a lip product. I assure you, this lipstick has a nice vanilla cake scents. But it’s soft, not too strong and will fade as you wear it on your lips. I don’t find it as a problem unless when I am hungry. Kidding.. XD

Make Over Raisin Plum on the lips - without flash under natural sunlight
Make Over Raisin Plum on the lips – without flash under natural sunlight
Raisin Plum on the lips - with flash
Raisin Plum on the lips – with flash

*Finish result: Hmm, since it has a creamy formula I wish you don’t expect a smudgeproof one. It does smudge. I may say you’re gonna be careful choosing color and careful to your act as well. But the plus thing is, once it’s set, it gives you a light weight feeling. I didn’t feel like wearing a lipstick. It gives you neither gloss nor matte result, it’s satin. It sticks on you! Afterwards, it gives a pretty sheer pink stain. I guess you need a lip remover to fully remove the stain, because I tried with a milk cleanser and it was still there no matter what.

*Final Verdict: I-L-I-K-E-I-T… The color really suits me. You see in my pics that I had no make up on because I’m still doing my dermatologist treatment (please..please..please.. pardon those pimples and the hyper-pigmentation caused) but it really brightened up my skin tone. Even without make up, the color didn’t look the only flashy thing on my face. It cooperates perfectly with my entire face. Giving a nice fresh healthy look to me. When I wore it, this lipstick pretty much lingered on my lips, perfectly survived a meal, a portion of takoyaki and a bubble drink. The only thing that people would notice during this lipstick wears was the pretty stain it left. It gave a thought that it long lasting one though it trasnferred on your glass, spoon or straws as you have a drink or meal. In actual, this one stays for 4-5 hours at the most without any meal or drink. The stain will surely stick on your lips forever, until you remove it.

Repurchase: YES. Definitely yes! I like this one. I mean, I’m not a really big fan of pink lipstick but this one is exceptional. Maybe I’ll try another color in the future.

Make Over For All
Make Over For All

So it’s wrap! IMO, you need to try this one. I bet you will not regret it. I’m pretty sure for any of you who has NC30-40 like me, or darker one, will definitely like this color. Really.. really brightens up your face and makes you look fresh no matter what!

Thank you for stopping by. And if you have tried this lipstick, you may leave me a comment and start discussing it. I love the chit-chat.

XO~ revenian.

(all photos taken with Canon Power Shoot A3400IS)

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  1. imelda

    fi, kamu dapet waranya yang bagus… yang aku warnanya kecoklatan jadi bikin muka kusem…wahhh ngiriiii…ingin warna yang ini juga

    • revenian

      Emg kamu dpt warna apaan Mel? Ini Yanti dpt 2 lipstik krn kan kemarinan itu dia dpt doorprize jg yg dr kartu nama selain jawab pertanyaan. Ini sebenernya jg lg dalam misi nyari warna serupa sama Sephora-nya si Putri, Mel. Hahaha. Abisan suka sama warna burgundy itu tp lg ga mau beli lipstik lg (msh byk lho yg blm dibuka segelnya). Jd mau coba2 dlu ini kl di mix-match bakal dpt warna serupa atau ga. :p Coba Mel, nanti review lipstik yg kamu dpt jg.

      • imelda

        aku dapet yang warna everlasting kiss ama yang glorious gold, warnanya cendrung ke cokelat semua…gak cocok di aku :(( aku lebiih suka yang warnanya cendrung pink ato ungu…

  2. Chaicy @ Style.. A Pastiche

    Love the Plum colour this season! Looks perfect for your skin!

    GIG Love – Chaicy

  3. Mollymia

    It looks so pretty! The packaging is sleek too. Is this available all over Indonesia? Batam/Bali?
    If I revisit these 2 places next time I’ll definitely keep a lookout for them!

    • revenian

      I’m not really sure of the availability outside Java island considering this brand has just launched by 2011-2012 so I suppose there’s still a limitation distribution issue. But you can check their Instagram account @makeoverid_shop, as if they provide any shipping outside Indonesia.

  4. Kumiko Mae

    Plum is a very great color for most skintones. I love using plum shades myself.`

  5. Caity (@MoiContreLaVie)

    Gorgeous color – It’s bold and fun, but still classic. Great hue for your skin tone! <3 GIGLove

  6. Beauty Blogette

    I’ve never heard of the brand before. The color is beautiful.

  7. Sarah (

    Great review.. the shade looks great on you… Vanilla cake scent ? Sounds really yummy… 😀

    Keep in touch ya. 🙂

    • revenian

      Uh-huh, it IS Vanilla Cake scent! Hahahaha, hold yourself back otherwise you’ll end up finding yourself eating the lipstick! LOL.. Thanks Sarah, I will! :*

  8. Nella Beautifyiu

    Ah. It’s on my wishlist. Baru pernah nyobain eyeshadow nya aja nih. Penasaran tapi aku sendiri gasuka pake lipstick hehe.

    • revenian

      You should to try it!! I’m super in love with this one! Aku sebenernya jg ga terlalu suka lipstik warna pink tp ini pinknya beda bgt, ada unsur ungunya. Sedangkan aku lg nyari warna yg ada hint ungu. To be frank, I’m a lipstick bitch. Hahahaha.

  9. Deann

    I’m not a fan of plum colors, but I will let this one haha! It looks good on you!

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