Oriflame: Wonder Colour Lip Liner Review

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Oriflame Wonder Colour. Today I’m gonna give you a review post about Oriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liners. Recently, I gave my self a shot to this whole new thing for me. Actually, I have been knowing Oriflame since I was still 12 yo. But practically drowning my self to it since I was in college. Well, if you want to know how my take about this product, please keep reading..

So,this brand is not new. They have established in Indonesia since I was still a new born. But amazingly, they can keep surviving throughout the years until now.

Oriflame Wonder Colour Lip LinersOriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liner Tubes

Since I am new to the lip liners line, I eager to try them out. They are coming in 4 colors/shades that can be suited occasionally. They are Perfect Pink (24035), Cream Chestnut (24040), Real Red (24038) and Dark Plum (24039). They also are coming with certain codes to make you easier if you want to purchase them through Oriflame’s consultant.

Oriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liner Center BodyOriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liner Center Body

Ok, next up to the packaging.. These come out with a sleek burgundy color pencil-like tube (LOL, I don’t know how to be explain it). It’s very handy to get it in your pouch and it’s made with a twisting way to come up the product so you can use it. The packaging itself is so classy in my opinion, with the cap off and the color indicators are below the cap, on the cap and in the bottom of the body. So whatever position it might be, you can still easily grab it on the go without having the wrong color. The package also has the expired date, brief product function in several languages, color and code but without having the ingredients composition. Well, if you want to know more about it, you can still get to know it through Oriflame’s Official Website.

Oriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liner Bottom SideOriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liner Bottom Side

Talking about the texture and the formula, well, I must say, that this texture is the most hard one comparing to other brand like NYX (I have one Retractable Lip Liner in MPL11 or Red and one of Lip Liner Pencil in 841 or Coral) which is soft and smooth. When first applying it, make sure that you have exfoliate your lips prior to using. If not, then you probably experience that your lips is slightly hurt because you need extra swipes to make the color comes out. it’s bit drying up my lips but since I usually use it under my cream lipsticks or any lipglosses so I’ll be fine. The product tends to accentuate the fine lines and makes your lips a bit chalky especially for Cream Chestnut. It just doesn’t suit my skin tone at all.

Oriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liner Pencil ProductOriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liner Product

These lip liners are scentless which is good for you who don’t like scented products.

For the price, it’s quiet affordable. But comparing to any drugstore products like Maybelline, L’oreal, Revlon, this brand is slightly above them. But when it comes to a sale promo, you can grab it even with a one get one offer. Just waiting for the promo to come. 🙂

Oriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liner BodyOriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liner Body

For the color, I don’t think it’s quite pigmented for a lip product. Unlike NYX which is more pigmented and glides on easily, I always need extra swipes to make the color comes out. Beside the minus thing on the texture makes it more hard to apply. But if you are the one who want to try a lip liner or you who don’t like the opaque finish, then this is for you.

Here are some swatches on the hand and lips to give you the image about this product’s result on me.

Oriflame Wonder Colour Lip Liners SwatchesHand Swatches under natural sun light

Bare Lips and Real Red

Bare Lips and Perfect Pink

Bare Lips and Cream Chestnut

Bare Lips And Dark Plum

ps: sorry for the uneven result, this color was definitely the hardest to pull off even I have done lip scrubbing prior to application.

Final Verdict:

Basically, I’m happy of owning this product in my cosmetic case. But the thing that you have underline about is you have to do a lip scrubbing before using this lip liner. The color is somewhat harder to pull off especially for Dark Plum even I have done lip scrubbing. I’m sure it is because the pencil texture that makes the application is harder than other brand I have used before. Because of it, you have to be careful in sweeping the product onto your lips or your lips will get hurt, don’t be too much in pressure during the application, you can build it layer per layer and take your time. This product is a great deal when it comes to the sales promo, especially for you who is on a budget. You also don’t need to sharpen it since it’s a retractable ones. Another thing that you have to know is this product is not sold in general drugstore or supermarket but it’s sold through Oriflame’s Representative Consultant and if you want to know more about this product, simply comment below as well as your thought and experience about it.

Thanks for reading this, I hope this will help you out.

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  1. raden

    yang real red bagus ya, btw salam kenal aku Raden yg kemarin di Cosmekita 🙂

    • Alfia Widati

      Haiii, Raden.. Salam kenal jugaaaa… Makasi sudah mau berkunjung yaa… :p

  2. elrica

    Aku suka yang dark plum ^^
    Salam kenel yaaaaaaa…makasi uda berkunjung di blog aku ^^

    keep in touch

    • Alfia Widati

      Halo dear, makasi banyak. Tapi bibirku lg gak banget. Wakakak, jd mayuuu… Iya salam kenal ya, dear.. 🙂

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