Hi, my name is Alfia Widati or I can be known under cyber name Revenian, as well. I am Taurus from 1987 and live in Indonesia. You can call me Fia. πŸ™‚

I always have a big interest in fashion. I don’t know why but it makes me feeling fun and just like the way I am. Maybe there’s a reason or two why I chose this subject. I remember way back then when I was in an elementary school, the newsman in front of my mom’s office suddenly gave me a teenager magazine, name starts with K. I began my research of what exactly I would like when I reach my teenage. I saw many things from fashion to cosmetics, from celebs’ gossips to the latest cool songs, until any products which represent the teenage. This time is the embryo which shaped what my most interest is.

I feel like “ok, I think I will never be like that” because at that time, my appearance was sooooo much like a boy. Short hair, flat breast, sport shoes, trousers or sometimes shorts, backpack, etc. I was fine with that until I entered my junior high school and started having a boyfriend. Then I more liked caring about girl’s things and changed my look to be more girlish one.

I remembered how I started to use/wear cute things like Mickey Mouse bag, more colorful t-shirts and a bit of wearing body cologne. Haha, I feel so ashamed of remembering and telling you guys about my earlier age. But lets just share about it.

I really kept my lowest profile to the things about fashion, yet I kept subscribing in teenage magazine although I have turned from K to G by entering high school. I found so many interesting stuff in that magz. I also liked to see who was my friend with style and who wasn’t. It was fun comparing one to each other about what they were wearing, what color was suitable on them and then after going to college, I started expanding my interests. That’s why I joined modern dance club in my university. Even I had to spend my pocket money on cosmetics and costumes materials (instead of earning them by performing dance), I didn’t feel any burden of it. That’s the first time I learned wearing eyeliner, blush on, lipstick, powder, and accessories like necklace and long earrings to support the appearance of my dance. It’s also my first time of drowning into fashion because I had to come up with the ideas of how our costume would be like in the next show, color playing, mix and match, etc. It’s a very challenging time because we had run to it without any fund sponsorship, the whole thing was coming from the member’s money. That’s why we were challenged to create something new with the existing materials that we had. Luckily, we survived.

Graduating from campus and starting to work meant that I could earn a living by my self. So I started to find things of my interest, began with subscribing to a new magz, named with C. I felt like I got many information from this magz, and more variation. That’s when I started my wanting of shoes and tried to buy a pair of fashion boots. Even my boss said that I was the most different girl among all the girls in the company, until she could say “when you see a beautiful and different style girl among others in this office, means you see Fia”. This was flatter me a bit and by that I felt ashamed too because she said it when many of the workers were in the line to get their finger print on finger print absence machine. LOL!

After having end of contract at this first company, I began to join the second one. Frankly speaking, this company paid me a way mooorreee higher than the previous one (LOL), leaving me a thought that I could spend a lot more of having another fashion stuff and I did it plus beauty things as well. Two years of joining this company has made me bought around 10 pairs of sandals and shoes (I can’t remember the exact number) and countless beauty stuff. Feeling it’s still a little fewer than what should it be? Relax, I’m still not a crazy bitch who spend alot (a real lot) of money just only for having many pairs of shoes after pay day. My characterization of buying stuff is: I must have really like that stuff from many aspects: from its functionality, rareness, shape, colors, and price. In this path, I feel like another interest was coming to my brain: beauty things. That’s why I also keep practicing wearing many beauty things on, joining and subscribing in many beauty forums, watching most interesting vloggers amongst Youtube channels.

Now after having a discussion with my hubby and decided to resign from the second company, I drowned deeper in beauty, way much deeper than fashion instead. Now I keep collecting, and trying, and wearing as much as possible any of the cosmetic brands, variants, colors, texture and I found my self an enjoyment of them all. This is also the other thing which made me rejoining one of the cosmetics business for good. Because I always have been wanting to build my business even I’m not the one who produce it. For me, it’s OK not having your own signature stuffs to sell when at start of building a business, the more important thing in business is that your willingness of starting to build, you’re out of capital then you can sell other’s stuff, another is your consistency. And I wish, my baby steps will lead me to a whole new world, my world of interest, instead of making money by just sitting in the back office.

This is my dream! I want to make it come true! I feel so lucky that my hubby is always behind me on everything, especially for this current occasion. Even my parent keep their thought that a successful man is a successful person who owns a high position in the work and having a regular monthly salary. But it just doesn’t work on me.

Sooo, I wish I could be the woman I always want to be! Fingers cross!!!

Stay healthy, keep being young, smile a lot, laugh often, love even more…

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