My Beauty Blogging Ways: How and Why

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Shout out to all Indonesian Beauty Bloggers out there! Woohoo!

So, Beauty Bloggers Meet Up event is right around the corner. I am so happy by the fact that these three stunning beauty bloggers were successfully gathered and held this event! Thank you Carnellin, Tia and Meilani to make this happen: The FIRST Beauty Bloggers Meet Up!

BBloger MeetUp poster
BBloger MeetUp poster

Before continuing about how and why I became a beauty blogger, please read my brief words on this first BBloger MeetUp event. As I mentioned earlier, these three girls; Carnellin, Tia and Meilani; had a time to coincidentally talking talk about beauty bloggers gathering. I know three of them are the most hard working bloggers on publishing and looking for sponsorship for this event. Salute for them who amazingly contacted and successfully proposed these brands to join us on September 27th 2014 at Nanny’s Pavilion – Central Park, West Jakarta:

AYOU Beauty
Make Over
Silky Girl
V10 Plus
Beauty Goods ID
D’Height Salon @ CP
Kawaii Beauty Japan

You know, as a hang-out junkie, I love gathering and meeting up people. The chit-chats are always fun! And I am amongst those lucky bloggers who are able to join this gathering. Can’t wait for what’s gonna happen because eventually Endi Feng and Carryna Pratiwi are also there to do some beauty demos.

I wish that someday, these kind of gathering are exposed and able to accommodate as many bloggers as possible, not only 20 people like at the time being. That will be an ultimate event, I suppose!

pic source

Alright, back to the main topic of how and why I become a beauty blogger.

W H Y  B E A U T Y  B L O G G I N G ?

First thing in hand, I love make up. My passion on make up has been up since I was in the high school. I love being beautiful, I love being stylish, I love being an attention, and I also love showing up people that “Hey, I can do make up without going to the salon!” and yes I did my own make up at my High School and University graduation..

The main reason behind why I choose to be a beauty blogger simply because I want to share something more than a sharing itself. I want people also get a full description on a product they’re looking for from me, having interaction between readers and writer through comment and see the feedback of people preferences. If you are a regular reader, I bet you know that I always explain the review in deep information. Aside from that, because now I am a full time wife, I have an unlimited time to post everything in my head and join the fun crowds on everything (events, gatherings, product launching, etc) as well as my art work on my own face canvas. So, call me a full time blogger?

H O W  T O  B E A U T Y  B L O G G I N G ?

Going on becoming a blogger, I realize many things as time goes by, and here I wanna spill everything I know to you who just started blogging a beauty blog. Take a note, this information was the things that I got from exploring my self of becoming a beauty blogger, did some researches, and also from my husband’s advice as he works in Marketing world (how could it be related? Keep reading!). Well, maybe they are pretty much the same to the theoretical aspects you may find on Google. But, these things are the ways I can find my self as a year time of full beauty blogging:
Beauty Blog

pic source

1. Nice Niche ♥ As I first blogged, I spent my time on creating poems. Simply because I liked creating one. But then, I got bored as I couldn’t find anything to be my inspiration. But I wanted to write! I love writing! So, I got a long pause to determine what the topic to be my focus. And here we are: a beauty blog! I just knew that a beauty stuff is an unlimited excitement. Exploring your other dominant preferences will be a nice trick to find a focus on your writing. Well, you can write everything you want if it’s only to quench your writing thirst. But, if you want to keep the track of people coming back to your blog, then stick on one topic as the main idea. Otherwise, you will confuse your readers. If you’re beauty blogging, you can start blogging about make up, make up trends, or even your make up works and tutorials on creating one.

Which Web Host?pic cource

2. Post in A Host! ♥ OK! After finding a nice niche, you need another thing to keep you in a place (I mean, your writing). There are two famous free systems you can choose: WordPress (like mine) and Blogger. Since I don’t use Blogger, so I can’t tell much about it. But WordPress does give a good service since it provides you a mobile application which you can install on your phone (I got iPhone and WordPress provided an app for it) and you can maintain the content (the posts and the comments) through your mobile without having overly-attached to your PC/Laptops.

WWW Goldpic source

3. Main Domain ♥ After choosing where you’ll be hosted, you can now secure a domain name. This is the trickiest one as you will create something for a permanent use not only to make it as your ID but also as your brand. You have to choose something short, unique, no one can think of, eye-catchy, interesting and easily to be remembered. When I concluded to choose Revenian, I considered this name has been my cyber IDs amongst many online forums I joined. Basically people will notice Revenian as me. So, you can start from that if you can’t think any better ideas. This domain name will be your personal brand to be marketed amongst those beauty bloggers that will be picked by the brands that interest in using blogger as their strategical product marketing. Means: you can be endorsed! (Keep looking for any chances, girls!)

Correct Punctuationpic source

4. Good Grade Type ♥ You speak from your writings, and by that, you can choose any languages you want, but stick with it. As I am coming from Indonesia, either Bahasa or English is able to choose. BUT…. do it well. If you stick with English (like I do, sorry guys, English Department graduated problem here.. hehe) make sure you write it with a good grammar. If you think that learning English is good for improving your blog, then do it so. Otherwise, people will get annoyed by the articles which are full of mistyping and grammar-less sentences. One way or another, proofreading seems to be the good way on solving this before publishing a post. Aside from that, do a schedule of your post. This will assure your readers when they have to check whether your blog is updated regularly. I personally choose twice a week (Monday and Thursday) to publish a post. If you think that you can only post once a week, make sure that you have a good post to worth a week waiting.

Common Lay Out
pic source

5. Stand Out Layout ♥ Your blog is your display explaining about yourself and you are the brand that you are creating by blogging. In marketing world, creating a good display is a must. That’s the reason people will aware of your products or brand (which is your skill of writing, your name, your contents, anything on your blog!) and keep them coming back. The layout of the banners, the titles of the contents and how you choose the blog theme is the key to maintain the viewers of your blog. Of course, you don’t want people visiting your blog in 0,003457 seconds (LOL), do you? And by that, you have to think of keeping the theme in the easiest way to people accessing it. Don’t choose too many crowds (like snow falling effects, or customized blinking pointers) because it will affect your readers’ bandwidth connection. Remember that not all people got the same good internet access throughout the world to load your bandwidth killer blog. I still notice some blogs don’t aware of this crucial thing. Then, don’t forget to choose an eye-friendly color (to background or fonts) so your readers will not be blinded out. This way was my own experience when searching a certain review and ended up clicking a blog with too much effects in it, making it a way longer waiting time until it was fully-loaded and when it was fully-loaded, the font was a hot mess with the bright color on a bright theme. Me was like: BLAH! SKIP! You have also to think people who will click your blog instead of satisfying your own sense of cuteness overload. 🙂

My functional camera in order
My functional camera in order

6. Manifest Invest ♥ Beauty blogging is somewhat requiring an invest. You must be planning on photographing all things around (products, swatches, and make up works). This kind of photography needs a nice or decent camera, good standard lighting and some skills to photo editing. My experience in first blogging was I took all the photos using my iPhone 4S camera. That’s OK on the first time of blogging. As time went by, I began to use my pocket camera using Canon PowerShot A3400 IS HD. Now, I invest more by having a DSLR camera: Nikon D3200. Then if you have more budget, you can invest more by having some lenses to create some more good photographs. Oh yes, a Mirrorless camera can be an option as well. Don’t forget to improve your skill on photo editing (I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 and still learn how to use it well). As long as you can be patient and focusing yourself of maintaining your personal brand, I bet every challenge can be overcome. If you are now can’t have the camera of your dream, don’t be sad.. Everything takes time, darl… Just follow the process! 🙂

At last but not least, keep writing because you want to write and share your thoughts, other benefits will follow as a bonus to your hard work. I often heard from many people that beauty bloggers are the free-product minded, being one as for hunting the free products. Well, I don’t deny the fact that beauty bloggers often receive some invitations to events, some privileges receiving just-launched products, get endorsed, and get many things free of charge. But isn’t that obvious for the brands to give us those things because they love the way we work our blog out so they contact/ask us to join their following occurrence? That doesn’t instantly make beauty bloggers are the people with free-product minded. When there’s certain brand’s occurrence come, as a blogger, we need to follow all the rules, because I believe this mutual symbiosis system can only happen when two parties work together. Not only give or only take but it’s take and give. Writing is not that easy. It needs contemplation to provide an honest, complete descriptive and informative content so people will understand our view point and we help them decide the future action. So, please, if you want to be a beauty blogger, go the whole way! Keep being in the positive tracks!


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    Kal Fia, informatif banget! Thank you buat postnya sangat berguna terutama buat newbie kaya aku hihi. See you again this Saturday!

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      Iya dear. Sama2 ya. Sharing is caring. Follow the process itu yg paling penting. Yg lain2 cuma bonus aja, bukan yg utama. 🙂 🙂

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