MAKEOVER Corrective Base Make Up – Greenish 02

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Shout out to the girls out there who has the redness problem on their face! Because I do. *virtual hugs*

Yes, way back then I tent not to care about what appeared on my face: comedo, pimples, sunburn, redness, and spider veins. Even I have tan skin, medium tan, for about NC30-35 according to MAC skin tone chart, I do have a serious problem in skin redness. Any redness on my face will be easily noticeable.

Make Over Corrective Base Make Up - Greenish 02
Make Over Corrective Base Make Up – Greenish 02

For a genetic cause, I have very visible spider veins. My mom has it and somehow “transferred” it to me, made me feel like I am the one with the fairest skin tone while actually I am tan. Normal Asian tan. This automatically became my first attention since I knew more about make up and the whole thing about it. It made me frustrated ever since. I need something green on my whole face, instead of those green concealer in a jar because this visible Hulk-ish spider veins around.

When I knew Indonesian local brand, Make Over, released this Corrective Make Up Base in greenish (02), without any thing in my knowledge about this product (which is barely I do) I kept going on to buy this out. So, here’s my thought on this product of how this will cover or fix or do anything on my face’s redness.

Make Over Corrective Base Make Up Green - front and back
Make Over Corrective Base Make Up Green – front and back

What is it? Make Over Corrective Base Make Up Greenish (02)

Product claim: “Base makeup yang dapat memberikan efek koreksi pada wajah, terutama untuk rona kulit yang kurang merata. Mengandung aloe vera extract dan pro vitamin B5 (panthenol) sebagai moisturizer dan memberikan efek sejuk/dingin di kulit, serta vitamin E, sebagai antioksidan, menjaga kehalusan kulit dan mencegah kulit kusam.”

Make up base which gives corrective effect to the face, especially for uneven skin tone. Contains aloe vera extract and panthenol act as moisturizer give the cooling sensation to the skin, and Vitamin E, acts as anti-oxidant agent keeps the skin smooth and to avoid skin dullness.

Make Over Corrective Base Make Up Green - on my face
Make Over Corrective Base Make Up Green – on my face

Packaging: this product has the black plastic tube with 40ml of content. Comes with a flip top made this easier to use and travel friendly. You can control how much content will you use on your face and this will give you a secure feeling of hygienist.

Make Over Corrective Base Make Up Green - texture
Make Over Corrective Base Make Up Green – texture

Texture and Formula: I love how light-weight feel on using this product. I usually have this base right away after my toner dries. I, now, have new make up regime by skipping my usual moisturizer as a base since I have a combo of normal-oily skin. The texture is so soft and giving a cool effect afterward. Since it has Allantoin, Make Over Corrective Base Make Up in green claims to help soothing, and healing any skin redness or pimple (if any).

Scent: Scentless. Which is good.

Make Over Corrective Base Make Up Green - on my face
Make Over Corrective Base Make Up Green – on my face

Coverage: Well, since this claims to give a good cover on skin redness, I don’t think this will work for me. I don’t feel any coverage on any of the redness and red spider veins on my face. I do feel like I am wearing a normal moisturizer on.

Final Verdict:
Basically, I like this one. Since I have the new regime of make up on skipping my normal moisturizer as I have a combo skin of normal-oily one, I feel like having a moisturizer on seems too much on me. The make up will take off faster throughout the day because of the rich formula on my make up base. But by using this, I don’t have too much worry. I feel like this will be some kind of my normal moisturizer replacement since it has the ingredients of a skin care. Aside from that, the light weight texture and the cool sensation on my face give the nice result on my feeling. I mean, who’s nay for paying Rp69,000? The only minus that I feel: this is barely cover any redness. For some of you who have a light problem of redness, I think this will suit better.

– Light weight
– Cool sensation
– Can be a replacement of my normal moisturizer (for me) on make up regimes
– Quite affordable
– It has a skin care ingredient
– Affordable
– Travel friendly

– Not even cover a single redness on my face (spider veins problem)

Have you tried this yet? Tell me in the comments..
XO~ revenian

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