[FOTD] Androgyny Look Inspired – Varsity Jacket

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Alright, now I am gonna post something not related to make up! Yap, it’s about fashion of the day.. Not so long ago, I have read about my friend’s blog, Michiyo Hojo. She wrote about an androgyny look of her. I felt so inspired by her since I also has bought a new varsity jacket of mine. Then I thought, “why don’t I create that androgyny look using my new jacket?”

Actually this look is so simple. Everything that I use based on the clothes that I own for long time. Basically, I am not keen to buy clothes more than make up. LOL. But, I’m here to share what I achieved as an androgyny look in my opinion. To be honest, this kind of look is one of my favorite looks aside from casual and girly. I love trying as much styles as possible as long as I find it comfortable. This androgynous look has automatically become my favorite since you don’t have to put too much time and effort into it.

I post two looks that will certainly wear the varsity jacket. In fact, achieving an androgyny look doesn’t look that hard. You only need one or two elements that look like a man’s property, (don’t put too much effort, ladies!). Since I just bought it, so I’m gonna post something that I can achieve with Varsity Jacket. Here we go:


For attention, I’m sorry here since the pics are not good. I had my iPhone camera on because I didn’t bring my DSLR and the room light seemed too intimidating. πŸ™

Androgyny Look 1-1
Androgyny Look 1-1
Androgyny Look 1-2
Androgyny Look 1-2

To achieve this look, you may have:

1. Black shirt (unbranded and custom made)

2. Jeans, better with acid color

3. Big bronze belt

4. Analog Watch with big dial

5. Leopard print High Heel

6. Varsity Jacket

7. Vintage Bag


Pretty much the same like LOOK 1 but the things that I’ve changed here were the outfit inside the jacket and the shoes. I wanted to add a slight of Korean Pop style.

Androgyny Look 2-1
Androgyny Look 2-1
Androgyny Look 2-2
Androgyny Look 2-2

This is what my varsity jacket looks like from behind.. Hehe, sorry can’t stand my self to show-off that it’s brand new in my closet! LOL!

Bigbang Varsity Jacket
Bigbang Varsity Jacket

To achieve this look, you may have:

1. A wool navy blue vest

2. A long sleeve T-Shirt

3. Jeans, better with acid color

4. Analog Watch with big dial

5. A vintage platform wedges

6. Varsity Jacket

7. Long Skull necklace

Like my friend said in her blog, to achieve androgynous look, don’t put too much colors in your fashion. Stay calm with earthy colors like black, brown, khaki, or grey. Stay humble! Same goes with the make up. Put the smokey eyes or just wear ‘no make up’ make up so people will only focus on what you wear. If you want to put on some bold lipstick, try a darker lipstick color to look more edgy. Stay away from bright pinks, fuchsias, or oranges. You can try a purplish, brown, or plum color. For the nails, berries or plum color will give an extra attention. Putting on some glasses will be a more advantage.

As you see above, these two looks are very suitable for office purpose. Leaving you a trendy one although it may not an eye catchy, but definitely will bring you some fresh look, casual and laid back. The adding of high heel will be sure as an accessories to show your girly thing. In the other hand, I like to put the 7cm heels on. And yes, that leopard pattern will keep your man side on all the day. Same goes with that platform wedges. It has around 5-7cm heels I suppose with 2-3cm platform in the front. I love the vintage look, resemblances the old-school look with the 3-tone colors. Pretty simple!

If you have any cap or snap back or backpack, I assure that you’ll have a next level of your androgynous look. The key point of creating this look is pulling out your man side. You don’t have to be fully imitate what a man should be. If you want to add some colors, make it as little as possible, lets say just one or two accessories. Here I only put my watch and bag for LOOK 1 and my shoes and watch for LOOK 2. You just have fun and enjoy your day!


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  1. Kumiko Mae

    I think to more seamlessly achieve an androgyny look, you could reach for more masculine women’s shoes to wear for said day.

    • revenian

      Yap, I thought so as well. But as I saw many references too, this Androgyny style is somewhat the look that pulls out the slight of your man side. While the whole man look can be said as boyish style. πŸ™‚ But anw, thanks for the advice. I’m gonna try to match it.

  2. Ari

    I like varsity jackets. You can do so many different looks with them, from casual to semi-formal by just adding heels and/or a nice skirt or dress.

  3. MollyMia

    i love your shoes in look 2! so cute! and i do own a varsity jacket but i dont like to wear it because the cut is too unfalttering. πŸ™

    • revenian

      thank you Sarah. I personally don’t really have enough confidence in showing these looks but I need to know how far I was going and thanks many of you like it. :*

  4. yuhjiun

    OMG big bang varsity jacket!! It would be perfect if it’s wore by them hahaha πŸ˜›

    • revenian

      You like Big Bang, too? To be frank, I am not into that to Big Bang! *shame on me* but the only member that I like is TOP hyung.. πŸ™‚ Thanks Nicol!

    • revenian

      I like TOP hyung… Basically, I’m not really into that K-POP thing. I just thought that this varsity jacket was somewhat the stuff I’ve never owned before. πŸ˜€

  5. Maria Clara Novita K

    suka sama ootd yang pertama…
    kelihatan cantik dan tomboy gimana gitu <3
    nice review πŸ™‚

  6. Natasha

    I’m so loving that jacket!!! That is definitely my style! Love how you showed us the different ways to style it.

  7. Jessica Ie

    You love big bang too? I like their songs espc Taeyang’s xD
    Anw voted! Good luck! ^^ Giglove


  8. Nella Beautifyiu

    I own varsity jacket and always love using them when I want to look edgy.


  9. Chaicy @ Style A Pastiche

    Love the looks!! Both the shoes are awesome especially the Moccasin.

    GIG Love
    Chaicy – Style.. A Pastiche!

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