[EVENT] Estee Lauder’s Global Premiere Make Up Artist ft. Vincent Xu

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Meeting some professional make up artist excites me. Not so long ago, I was told by my friend, Auzola, that Estee Lauder had “Global Premiere Make Up Artist” event featuring make up expert Vincent Xu from China. I shot that chance to join the crowd by September 21st 2014 at Plaza Senayan, Indonesia by 1PM to 5 PM. Whoa, quite a long time for me as I didn’t notice more event rundown other than this make up demo.

Estee Lauder Global Premiere Poster
Estee Lauder Global Premiere Poster

Early SelfieAfter some chit-chats with Auzola, I decided to go on bare face. Well, not a real bare face actually. Because I couldn’t go out just with the combo of moisturizer and a loose powder only. So, I decided to wear my new foundation, my compact powder, did my eyebrows and wore lipstick. Hehehe. The only thing that crossed my mind prior to go there was I wanted a make over do on me. LOL.

Mr. Erfan, Mr. Vincent Xu and Model
Mr. Erfan, Mr. Vincent Xu and Model
SPOTTED: Nabila Syakieb
Oopsie, we had a guest…! SPOTTED: Nabila Syakieb

Alright, move to the event spot. Right there, we re-register by filling the guest book and met Mr. Erfan as the PR. He was quite nice and funny which was great considering by the fact that I often met some serious PR people. He looked easy going ya.. Which was geewwddd. Aside from that, Mr. Vincent Xu seemed quite be silence but I didn’t bother it because I thought that he needed his time to work on the make up. You know that a face is some kind like a canvas for make up artist. And he is the professional one.

First Step - Cleansing
First Step – Cleansing
Second Step - Eyes
Second Step – Eyes (clockwise order)

The first things that Mr. Xu did were the general ones: facial cleansing with a bit of facial massage and applying serum and moisturizer. The next steps were applying foundation little by little with patient because from what I saw there, Mr. Xu was some what a person who followed the rules of less is more techniques. It didn’t matter because it was normal that I also ever met people with that kind of matter. Then, put on the pressed powder lightly only to set the foundation. He did some concealing on model only under the eye and around the highlighting areas like nose bridge and between brows. Oh well, what an envious face as the model had the best skin I’ve ever seen. Poor me with this pimples’ hyper-pigmentation!

Mr. Xu Beauty Steps in clockwise
Mr. Xu Beauty Steps (clockwise order)
Mr. Xu last beauty step for night out: add statement lips!
Mr. Xu last beauty step for night out: add statement lips!

The thing that I was amazed at was before applying the foundation on, Mr.Xu mixed the foundation with Estee Lauder’s famous serum: Advance Night Repair, to create a radiant look. This thing surely diluting the consistency of the foundation so it wouldn’t appear too cakey or patchy. Well, this is the new method for me, as I never did something like that before. When talking about powder, he said that many Chinese women like to wear the light color, so Estee Lauder powders (loose and pressed) in shade light are the most best selling product in China. Yeah, that’s obvious. He also said that when he comes, he finds the fact that Indonesian women also love to wear the same color (hmm, this can mean nay or yay considering the majority of Indonesian women have general medium to tan skin tone). Oh yes, the last thing in Q&A part, Mr. Xu gave a sweet step (he named it like that) to do a blush on application. You can watch in the video below..

And the last, WHO DIDN’T WANT A MAKE OVER?? Hahaha, I didn’t wanna miss the chance of getting a make over, I mean, so what was the point that I didn’t go all out on my face that day? Even my mascara took a day off! LOL! Here’s the steps and the result.

Me with Estee Lauder's Make Over
Me with Estee Lauder’s Make Over Steps (clockwise order)
Make Over Result with Ms. Ezy. Too Bad that Mr. Xu had a queue so I decided to do the make over with her. :)
Make Over Result with Ms. Ezy. Too Bad that Mr. Xu had a queue so I decided to do the make over with her. 🙂

Before After

Selfies have never been wrong!! LOL…

Thanks Estee Lauder
Thanks Estee Lauder
With Vincent Xu
With Vincent Xu
I think I missed some girls here.. :(
I think I missed some girls here.. 🙁

Alright, that’s a wrap! Thanks to Ms. Auzola as a host and Mr. Erfan who gave the opportunity and of course Estee Lauder Indonesia for giving such a nice treat! Until then, see you next post!


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  1. theresia juanita

    Hello revenian…

    Salam kenal 🙂 aku theresia, aku minta ijin save foto2 ini untuk dokumentasi pribadi ku ya 🙂
    nice to meet you on the event
    hope to see you again someday


    • revenian

      Hai, Theresia. Silahkan. Please provide a backlink to this post as a credit klo kamu berniat menampilkannya di blog. Oia, just call me Fia. 🙂

      • theresia juanita

        thank you via… nggak aku simpan aja kok via, bukan untuk di blog ku.. heheheh… thank you via 🙂

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    Hi there, so glad to join this kind of events. I hope one day, I’ll get the similar chance too.

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    Hi there, just wanted to tell you, I loved this blog post. Keep on posting!

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