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Hello dear,

Way back then, I joined the Indonesian Beauty Blogger and Silky Girl cosmetics Make up Challenge. And some friends asked me what products I used for this teal smokey eyes that seems to be my favorite one as well amongst those three looks. And if you feel that you want to know more, please keep reading.

This is my favorite one and I recreated this look from my favorite beauty guru on Youtube: Lauren Curtis (laurenbeautyy). I had a “make up crush” on her because the way she behaves online is so cute and adorable (yes she’s just 22, of course). But I keep watching her videos over and over again.

The make up that I did on me was called : Teal Me More because the nuance of it of course full of teal, turquoise and blue.. Something more than just a teal blue. So here we go..

Teal Me More 1
Teal Me More 1

The products I used in this make up look and majority in doing my make up are coming from drugstore. I’ve been a fan of drugstore brands lately, knowing that the quality is as much similar as the high end brands which cost more.

The products are listed below:
1. Eyes
– Brows: ELF creamy gel liner “Coffee” as a frame, Coastal Scents brow palette as brow filling, The Body Shop Concealer stick #2 to create a more defined brow shape.
– Lids:
^ Wet n Wild eye primer
^ Maybeline Color Tattoo “Tenacious Teal”
^ Maybeline Color Tattoo “Edgy Emerald”
^ PAC single eyeshadow in color baby blue (I don’t know the shade name)
^ Illamasqua single eyeshadow in color dark blue (I don’t know the shade name)
^ Silky Girl gel liner “Black”
^ Maybelline Hyper Glossy eyeliner “Turquoise Blue”
^ Oriflame Very Me Black Out Mascara
^ Oriflame Volume Build Mascara “Black”
^ Sariayu Borneo Eyeshadow Palette as highlight

Teal Me More 2
Teal Me More 2

2. Face:
– Oriflame Studio Artist Face Primer
– Oriflame Giordani Gold Cream to Powder foundation “Natural Beige”
– Naturactor Cover Face #151 as concealer
– The Body Shop concealer stick #2 as under eye concealer
– Wardah Luminous Powder “Beige”
– Revlon Blush on “Naturally Nude”

3. Lips:
– Oriflame Lip Spa
– Oriflame Wonder Colour Lipstick “Warm Nude”

Teal Me More 3
Teal Me More 3

It’s a wrap for the detail products that I used. Until next time, see you!

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    Hey there! Nice blog to be visited! And also nice post!! I love how the way you make them so tidy, as for me it was totally a mess.. LOL!

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