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Following some of my friends, in the beauty blog community, who did the eye of the day (eotd) earlier, here’s my submission to the requested look of this day: 1950 theme. Hope you enjoy it!

1950’s trend is about having a simple eye make up with pastel color on it. I’d been searching through many articles that explained about how to make that iconic make up look on 1950’s most girls. Then the answers were about cat eye and bold lipstick. But orange and bright pink (like fuchsia) were definitely becoming the new red in 1950s. Instead, Audrey Hepburn’s “I believe in pinks” became viral. So, let me allow you to see how my work to recreate that one…

1950's Girls Make Up Look
1950’s Girls Make Up Look

I chose simple eye make up with earthy color element on. Contenting with brown, taupe, beige and a slight glitter to make it more festive. For the lips, to make it more fun, I picked the glossy one. I was surprised by the fact that came up after seeing that this lip color actually achieved by mixing 2 different lipsticks and a lip gloss.

1950 Full Face
1950 Full Face

For the brows, yes I know it’s quiet messy… I just wanna leave my actual brows like that… But since my actual brows are quiet big and the look of 1950’s has to do with thin brows, this is the maximum thing that I could do. Hence, I was satisfied enough by the result. :p Though, the lips will definitely catch your eyes first!

Skin is also a fundamental thing. I am having a slight acne prone at the moment. So basically, concealing and covering are way much better to achieve what actually 1950’s girls used to.

Full Face 1950
Full Face 1950

Then here it is the detail of 1950’s girls eye make up look…


Product Used:
1. Oriflame Studio Artist Face Primer
2. Oriflame Giordani Gold Age Defying Compact Foundation “Natural Beige”
3. Revlon Concealer
5. Oriflame Studio Artist Finishing Powder “Transparent”

1. NYX Brow Marker “Deep/Profond”
2. ELF Gel Liner “Coffee”
3. Coastal Scents Brow Palette

1. Wet n Wild eyeshadow primer
2. NYX Sex Bomb Palette (only used the beige, taupe and glitter ones)
3. NYX Single eyeshadow “Dark Brown”
4. Silky Girl gel liner “Black”
5. Caring Colours “Perfecting Mascara”

1. Oriflame Tender Care “Blueberry”
2. Wardah Longlasting Lipstick #1
3. Revlon Living Lipstick “Orange Flip”
4. Oriflame eternal gloss “Absolute Coral”

So here’s the end….
Thanks for reading and following me…
xo- Revenian

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