Garnier: Lightening Peel Off Mask Review

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Hello invaders, YAAAYYYY TGIF!!!! dan sudah mulai memasuki weekend yaa?? Hope you all very happy to live your life!!! GARNIER LIGHTENING PEEL-OFF MASK (FRONT VIEW) Hari ini aku mau review tentang masker peel-off nya Garnier. Hihihi… Ga sangka banget ketemu … Continued

Skincare Routine: Year of 2014

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Hello dear,, Back to another Mondays.. Wish you a happy day in the early of the week… Being a full time wife makes me having much longer spare time than before when I was still working. So today’s post will … Continued

Update With Me #1: An Interview With God

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Morning sunshines!!! Well, actually, I am not gonna give you the moanday or mournday in this Monday. But, since I got my drawer cleaned the other day, I found the good quote that I got from one of my best … Continued

Estee Lauder x Fimela: Beautiful Eyes Event

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It’s Monday already… Hoaaamm… How are you invaders? Recently, Estee Lauder has held an event called “Beautiful Eyes” featuring with Fimela. And I was lucky to have been registered to join this event. This is gonna be a long post, … Continued

Brain Talks: Krim Geje, Surga Dunia!

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Dear, Mau curhat aka update status. Hihihi, tp kali ini gw bikin di blog krn kl gw bahas di socmed account gw berasa kepanjangan aja. Hahaha.. Jadi ceritanya kemarin siang ada obrolan penting banget bareng temen kuliah. Penting? Iya penting … Continued

Smokey Eye: Little Black Dress Eyes for Beginners

Hai..Hai..Hai.. Judulnya sengaja aku bikin dengan Little Black Dress (LBD) karena dalam dunia fashion, si LBD ini selalu jadi pusat perhatian (dan bahkan di klaim sebagai pakaian yang harus dimiliki paling tidak satu buah di lemari setiap wanita). Mengambil dari … Continued

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