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Hello Invaders,

Back again here to event report of Avène Eau Thermal – The Experience on May 30th 2015 at Senayan City by 7 to 9 pm WIB. So, I got an invitation from IBB community to attend this event. Actually, I barely know this brand and that’s why I came to know more about the brand and the products.

I got you some brief information about Avène for you who still are not familiar to this brand.

Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water dalam berbagai ukuran
Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water in various sizes

So, Avène is one of the French skin care brand that comes from the place in south-east of French called Avène, a lovely old picturesque where houses are built along the banks of the Orb rivers. The discovery of Avène’s medical quality itself is old enough, by 1736 when Marquis of Rocozels’s horse was turned loose to roam the slopes of the Black Mountain in southwest of France due to a severe skin disease. It found a thermal spring near Avène. After drinking from the spring and rolling in its waters, the horse’s coat became shiny again and soon it’s skin disease was completely cured.

Avene Sun care in all variants and sizes
Avene Sun care in all variants and sizes

Then by 1743 The Marquis of Rocozels, who was then the owner of the site, builds the first thermal spring facility in Avène to treat patients suffering from atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and burns. The reputation of the Avène thermal spring center quickly grows, and Avène Thermal Spring Water (ATSW), known for its soothing properties to treat skin diseases, is acknowledged by the French government to be of “public benefit” by 1874. And now, in 2015, after more than 12 years of research, Avène reveals the discovery of a unique microflora in Avène Thermal Spring Water: Aqua Dolomaie. It calms itching sensations and irritation. Soon by 2015, Eau Thermale Avène launches a new suncare line. (source)

In this event, Avène launched the sun care line which helps us to get more protection from sun exposure damage. The protection is considered as high because it contains of SPF50+. So, you don’t have to be overly-worried when your activity requires some sun exposure to your skin.

Frederich Charles, Pierre Fabre ASEAN Manager
Frederich Charles, Pierre Fabre ASEAN Manager

First session was the opening, with Mr. Frederich Charles from Pierre Fabre for ASEAN manager. Then all the VIPs were on the stage to do a champagne toast for the launch of this Avène Eau Thermale Spring Water sun care line.

Champagne Toast
Champagne Toast

After that, with Dr. Aryani Sudhamono,sp.KK (K), FAADV (the owner of Senopati Skin Centre), who explained about how ATSW and its sun care line help to protect the skin either from pollutant or sun exposure damage. She also gave the testimonials of how ATSW helps to calm down the sensitivity of most of her patients’ skin condition and improves it to be better, as well as the Avène sun care line which gives the protection during sun exposure without making the skin feels heavy or greasy.

Dr. Aryani Sudharmono. Sp.KK (K), FAADV
Dr. Aryani Sudharmono. Sp.KK (K), FAADV

Further, she said that the best way of applying sun care product is 30 minutes prior the exposure. This time gives the period of the sun care product to fully penetrate in Avene Eau Thermale Sun Care and Spring Water value pack[/caption] to the skin. So, the protection can be as maximum as its function. The minimum number for Asian skin of SPF (sun protection factor) is 15 which must be applied every 90 minutes to keep the protection on, especially for the activities which related to water. Also, it’s better to have a sun care product which gives the protection to UVA (for aging) and UVB (for burn).

The last but not least, the event was closed by the performance of Astrid’s singing up stage and here’s the goodies that I got from Avène Eau Thermale.

Astrid with Avene
Astrid with Avene
Avene Eau Thermale Sun Care and Spring Water value pack
Avene Eau Thermale Sun Care and Spring Water value pack

I hope you enjoy my report! See you on my next post!

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disclaimer: all the photos without the mark of “fiarevenian.com” belong to their respective owner/s and were sent to me through email as their press release.

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    nice review honey <3

  2. Sarah

    Never heard of this brand before, but it’s so cool that you get to attend it! =)

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    I’ve heard loads about the avenue sunscreen range. I am glad you git the opportunity to cover the event.

  4. Khushboo

    You are so lucky to attend such a great event and learn about Avene. Would love to know more about their product ranges 🙂

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    i keep forgetting to try this brand. will need to try their products soon

  6. Autumn | It's Autumn's Life

    Avene is so nice, but pricy. One of my parents gifted me a set on Teacher’s Day and I loved it! Lots of people in Korea use it. Especially the aqua spray. 🙂

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    Very nice! I never seen this product before 😀
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